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Old Woman Series
when I'm an old woman series

Under Water Series
under water series

Dolls, Women &
Witches Series
dallo women and witches series

Magic Garden Series

magic garden series
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Ursula Fritsch is a self-taught artist who developed her uniquely vibrant style by studying the modern European masters. Cezanne, Kandinsky, Klee, Miro, the German expressionists, et al, are some of her most admired inspirations. Their influence upon her work is evident.

Recently Ursula took up pottery in stoneware and burnished smoked pots, which provides another outlet for her creativity.

Ursula's work is available at Gibsons Landing Gallery, Artesia Gallery, Two Door Gallery, and Spirit of the West Gallery (all on the Sunshine Coast), at the Yale Gallery in Vancouver, at the Yukon Gallery in Whitehorse, and at her studio on Gambier Island.

" ... Beautiful flowers, glorious colours, are the things I rejoice in. I like to surround myself with riotous colours. And this is the essence of my shows -- an abandoning into pure colour without realistic presentation. Just the impression, the memory, of a patch of flowers, ferns, trees, or a glimpse of water or sky.

I like my paintings to be cheerful. Considering the horrors that are perpetrated on the planet, I see no point in adding to the gloom by painting angst-ridden pictures.

My aim is to gladden your heart and give you pleasure, may that be through vibrant colours, sensuous shapes, meandering lines, or whatever you find.

I hope I have succeeded. Enjoy!" .....        Ursula

          Contact Ursula Fritsch
           PO Box 16, RR3, Gibsons, B.C. V0N 1A0
                      phone: (604) 886-9505