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The Sunshine Coast s Centre is a non-profit gallery (run by the Sunshine Coast s Council) which hosts up to 15 local and out-of-town exhibitions each year. The exhibitions and schedule are determined a year in advance by the Visual s Advisory Committee, comprised of volunteers with a wide range of visual knowledge and experience. The Committee Members are appointed by the curator and is independent of the Board of Directors.

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Oct 29-Nov 23 2014 ~ Hiroshi Shimazaki & Sheila Page - From Far & Near
Oct 1-26 ~ Jennifer Drysdale - Into the Wilderness : Rochelle Nehring - The Good Old Boys
Sept 3 - 28 2014 ~ Ian McLeod - Abstract Aesthetics
Aug 6 - 31 2014 ~ SCAC Group Showcase - Metamorphosis
July 2 - 27 2014 ~ Elaine Hunter & Kevin McEvoy
            - Journey Through Dreamtime
June 4 - 29 2014 ~ Bill Edmonds and Adam Cramb - How Soon is Now
Mar 19 - Apr 20 2014 ~ Christy Sverre and Marlene Lowden
            - Respond & Reflect
Feb 12 - Mar 16 2014 ~ Andre Serin and Dean van't Schip - Going Coastal
Jan 8 - Feb 9 2014 ~ Friends of the Gallery (FOG) - a group show
Nov 6 - 24 2013 ~ Life Drawing Group Exhibition
Oct 9 - Nov 12 2013 ~ N. Braathen, J. McFegan, R. Tkachuk
            - Printers by the Sea
Sep 11 - Oct 6 2013 ~ Adaskin Collection - fundraiser for the SC Arts Council
Aug 14 - Sep 8 2013 ~ Carte Blanche - Juried Group Exhibition
Aug 4 - 10 2013 ~ Rogest Student Art Week
Jul 10 - Aug 4 2013 ~ 5th Annual Ceramics on the Edge
Jun 12 - Jul 7 2013 ~ Jane Richardson & Sharon Rubuliak
            - Texture - Fibre & Paint
Apr 3 - 28 2013 ~ Mental Health and Addictions
            - Looking Inward & Looking Outward
Mar 6 - 31 2013 ~ Leah Weinstein - Space We Share
            - Manon Staiger
- Media Landslide
Feb 6 - Mar 3 2013 ~ Quilters Out of Bounds - A walk in the Woods
Oct 31 - Nov 25 2012 ~ Kecia Scholerman - West Coast Shire
Jan 8 - Feb 8 ~ group show - Friends of the Gallery (FOG)
Oct 10 - 28 2012 ~ Hilary Anne Stephens - Beach Walk
Sept 19 - Oct 7 2012 ~ Marilyn Marshall - Joie de Vivre
Aug 29 - Sept 16 2012 ~ Vickie Newington - The Transparent North
Aug 1 - 26 2012 ~ Sunshine Coast Artists - Obsession
July 4 - 29 2012 ~ 4th Annual Ceramics on the Edge
June 6 - 26 2012 ~ Jessica Casey - te xe m-ay s-lha nay / red cedar woman
May 16 - Jun 3 2012 ~ Tella Sametz Photographs - SC Conservation Assoc
Feb 15 - Mar 11 2012 ~ Jay Hanscom - The Vulture, The Loot & the Anvil
Nov 30 - Dec 18 2011 ~ Young Artist Awards & Banner Project 2011
Nov 2 - 27 2011 ~ Bohdi Drope/Michael Hertz - As I See It/Spaghetti Western
Oct 5 - 30 2011 ~ Cody Chancellor/Jennifer Norquist - Humanity Nature
Aug 31 - Oct 2 2011 ~ Crawford/Traina - still life in Vancouver
            - Naturally in Infra-red
Aug 3 - 28 2011 ~ Culos/Torwl/Kleiner/Tanchak - Portal/Portage
June 29 - Jul 31 2011 ~ 3rd Annual Ceramics on the Edge
June 8 - 26 2012 ~ Paul Clancy - Point Counterpoint Photography
May 4 - 29 2011 ~ Julia Dodge/Pat Collier
           - Old & Rotten/Flowers: Playing with Light
Apr 20 - May 1 2011 ~ Young People's Own Show
Mar 2 - 26 2011 ~ Brett Varney - Vivid Distractions
Feb 2 - 27 2011 ~ Kristjana Gunnars - Alternate Light
Jan 5 - 30 2011 ~ Friends of the Gallery 2010
Dec 1 - 19 2010 ~ Young Artist Awards & Banner Project 2010
Nov 3 - 28 2010 ~ Life and Limb Painting Group - Ourselves and Others
Oct 6 - 31 2010 ~ Krista Maurer - Faces and Places, Close and Distant
Sept 8 - Oct 3 2010 ~ Tina Flux - Landscapes Around Us
Aug 11 - Sept 5 2010 ~ Ron Zheng - leaving my found eden
June 30 - Aug 8 2010 ~ 2nd Annual Ceramics on the Edge
June 2 - 27 2010 ~ National Aboriginal Day Show
May 12 - 30 2010 ~ Afuwa Granger/Susan Fletcher
            - Transience and Beauty/Seasons
Mar 31 - May 9 2010 ~ Young People's Own Show
Mar 3 - 28 2010 ~ Sonja Kobrehel - Between House and Home
Feb 3 - 20 2010 ~ Life Drawing Group - 25 Years of Life
Jan 5 - 30 2011 ~ Friends of the Gallery 2010
Nov 25 - Dec 20 2009 ~ Cowrie Street Banner Project 2010
Oct 28 - Nov 22 2009 ~ Paula O'Brien - After the Circus
Sept 30 - Oct 25 2009 ~ R.B. Wainwright - And So To Dream Again
Sept 2 - 27 2009 ~ Heather Gatz
            - Groping for the Points of Contact, sound/video
Aug 12 - 30 2009 ~ Summer Invitational Exhibition - Friends from Home
July 8 - 29 2009 ~ Sunshine Coast Ceramics on the Edge
May 20 - June 14 2009 ~ Jon Davis & Katie Janyk
Apr 22 May 17 2009 Young Peoples Own Show, Elementary & Secondary
Apr 1 - 19 2009 ~ Sa Boothroyd / Willow Yamauchi
Mar 4 - 29 2009 ~ Simon Haiduk / Christopher Marrapese
Feb 4 - Mar 1 2009 ~ Nadina Tandy
Jan 7 - Feb 1 2009 ~ SCAC Members Show
Oct 1 - 26 2008 ~ Lez Niepo
Sept 3 - 28 2008 ~ Kay Bonathan & Vasi Petoussis
Aug 13 - 31 2008 ~ Leonie Croy & Ray, Bev & Tim Niebergall & Carlie Sanford
Aug 1 - 10 2008 ~ Sechelt Arts Festival ~ Exhibition & Workshops
July 9 - 27 2008 ~ Michaela Cochran & Quilters Out of Bounds
June 18 - July 6 2008 ~ National Aboriginal Day Exhibition
May 28 - June 15 2008 ~ Kathleen Barrett & Maurice Spira
May 14 - 24 2008 ~ SC Arts Council Art Auction
Apr 30 - May 11 2008 ~ Young People's Own Show - Elementary
Mar 12 - Apr 13 2008 ~ Young People's Own Show - High School
Feb 13 - Mar 9 2008 ~ CANSCAIP
Jan 9 - Feb 10 2008 ~ Friends of the Gallery
Nov 21 - Dec 22 2007 ~ Judy Ross & Barry Goodman
Oct 31 - Nov 18 2007 ~ Young Peoples' Banner Project
Sept 26 - Oct 28 2007 ~ Royden Josephson / Ed Varney
Aug 21 - Sept 23 2007 ~ Marilyn Marshall / Susan Furze / Jan Poynter
July 10 - Aug 19 2007 ~ Annual Summer Invitational
May 30 - July 8 2007 ~ Jone Pane / Jana Curll
May 9 - May 26 2007 ~ Life and Limb Group
April 18 - May 6 2007 ~ Young Peoples Own Show Elementary
March 28 - April 15 2007 ~ Young Peoples' Own Show High School
February 21 - March 25 18 2007 ~ Heather Conn / Florence Debeugny
January 10 - February 18 2007 ~ Friends of the Gallery
November 29 - December 22 2006 ~ Dean Schutz / Kevin McEvoy

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October 29 - November 23 2014

Hiroshi Shimazaki From Far & Near

Hiroshi Shimazaki

“Far” in this exhibit centres on images created during twelve visits to India over the last 37 years. For Shimazaki, landscape painting offers “access to revelations of natural process, evocations of history and potentialities of human action embedded in place”.
Sheila Page
Sheila Page

“Near” is the landscape beneath our feet: the importance and complexity of the natural world beneath us. “Humble natural objects on the beach have been shaped by waves and weather into arrangements that reflect the power of their environment.”

October 1 - 26 2014

Jennifer Drysdale Into the Wilderness

Jennifer Drysdale

A recent émigré to the Sunshine Coast, Jennifer Drysdale’s exhibit entitled “Into the Wilderness” is a tribute to her parents’ history of working in the commercial art world. Drysdale’s work is highly influenced by her love for commercial illustration
from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.
Rochelle Nehring
The Good Old Boys

Rochelle Nehring

Powell River artist Rochelle Nehring’s exhibit entitled “The Good Old Boys” draws its inspiration from her father. The collection depicts glimpses into the lives of various men, each painting telling a little story and perhaps a little secret about each of the men.

September 3-28, 2014

Ian McLeod Abstract Aesthetics

Ian McLeod

Painting in an intuitive manner, with sweeping gestures of opaque and transparent layers of paint and other materials, to create surface texture and depth - focused on pure abstraction. The paintings are not titled, but are identified by their composition number - hence the meaning of a title will not affect the viewer's understanding or connection to the work. The intent is to transfer your own experience and perception to the work.

August 6 - 31, 2014

Metamorphosis.jpg Metamorphosis

SCAC Juried Group Exhibition Showcasing Coast Artists

Metamorphosis - a major change in the appearance or character of someone or something. Interpreting the concept of "metamorphosis" was the challenge sent out to local Sunshine Coast Artists for the upcoming exhibit at the Sunshine Coast Arts Centre.

Thirty-eight submissions have been selected from over 100 entries. On display will be a range of work including: drawing, painting, photography, digital media, mixed media, etchings, metal sculpture, mixed media sculpture, and collage.

July 2 - 27, 2014

Elaine Hunter Journey Through Dreamtime

Elaine Hunter
Kevin McEvoy
Nature choreographed photography with inspired use of colour and digital imagery.

Kevin McEvoy

The two most distinctive characteristics of Kevin's work are an emphasis on abstraction and an allusion to the landscape.

June 4 - 29, 2014

Bill Edmonds How Soon is Now?

Bill Edmonds

I have lived and painted in Hope, BC for the last 3 years, prior to this I was based in the Thompson Okanagan for 25 years and North Vancouver for 6 years. I sell my work mainly from my studio and at my shows. My art has been strongly influenced by the Figurative Artists of The St Ives and Newlyn Schools of Southwest Cornwall where I grew up. My first series of shows were mainly in central BC and on Vancouver Island. These were quick style renderings in House-paint based on candid moments captured through the lens of my camera. I then had a some intermittent shows [mostly group] in New York and Los Angeles but have now returned to my roots in BC.

It is my firm belief that contemporary art should take a critical approach to current social and cultural ideas, and in my current body of work I have questioned anonymity and the release of personal information Images are derived from where random strangers are picked for texted conversations, ''The Stranger'' was then asked to send me their photo with a view to having their image painted . At an early stage of the project it became apparent the strangers also had their own agendas with associated role playing and misrepresentation. Often I suspected the image was not that of the stranger and if an image was sent to me there were often unforeseen conditions and agendas. Initially confidant in my contact with strangers, time has caused me to be wary, suspicious and apprehensive. Consequently I now find whatever image is sent to me the resultant Adam Cramb''portrait'' mirrors my own insecurities, anxieties and fears.

Adam Cramb

Powell River visual artist who has been on the fringe of many sub-culture movements over the last 25 years. His art has been shown in many West Coast galleries including the Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery on Granville Island.

March 19 - April 10, 2014

Christy Sverre Respond and Reflect

Christy Sverre

Christy's painting style is defined by bold lines, riots of colour and pattern in an attempt to bring clarity and order to the wild chaos of impressions in her mind that have built up over years of living in different cultural environments.

'I am fascinated by how, when we travel, we look but do not see at first. Over time the new becomes familiar and fresh elements are added to our visual language. My process is exploratory and intensely personal, as I construct and de-construct. I work in acrylic and mixed media.'

Marlene Lowden
Marlene Lowden
Lowden is fascinated by the play between texture, colour, and light, Marlene finds inspiration everywhere but especially in the natural surroundings of the beautiful Sunshine Coast and drawn to abstraction.

"I'm a painter, yogi & at heart, an optimist. My work is about connection; helping people feel connected to their own creativity, to each other, to this planet we share & to themselves because connection creates awareness & understanding.

February 12 - March 16, 2014

Dean van't Schip Going Coastal

Dean van't Schip

This show is a selection of Beautiful Sunshine Coast nature images in colour photography. Born and raised on BC's beautiful Sunshine Coast, Dean has been photographing the natural environment for over 30 years. His appreciation for the beauty and biodiversity of this unique area comes through in his high definition medium format transparencies and high resolution digital images.

Dean is a regular contributor to the stock photo agency All Canada Photos and has had images published in publications such as Over Beautiful BC, the Encyclopedia of BC, Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest, Pacific Yachting, Whistler the Magazine and Hasselblad Forum. Tourism BC, the Western Canada Wilderness Committee, the Canadian Parks & Wilderness Society and Harbour Publishing have all used his images in books, magazines, calendars, brochures and cards over the past 20 years.

Andre Serin
Andre Serin

In his current series of Coastal paintings, Andre Serin focuses on images of undersea creatures and casts them as supernatural beings dripping with luxuriant colour.

Serin's work is built upon a foundation of Painting and Sculpture and often has a tendency to inhabit the liminal space between. It is his interest in blurring the boundaries of medium and material that has led him to explore mixed media installations involving painting, sculpture, video, audio and performance and framing them within recognizable social settings.

January 8 - February 9, 2014

FOG participants FOG - Friends of the Gallery

a group show

Eighty four members of the Sunshine Coast Arts Council present their work created during 2013. This is very popular and annual exhibition and celebrates the new year of the Arts.

November 6 - 24, 2013

Life Drawing Group Exhibition Life Drawing Group Exhibition

An exhibition of works on paper by artists who meet each Tuesday to draw from live models under natural overhead light. This group has been running for more than 25 years. Styles range from delicate in pencil, chunky in charcoal, colourful in coloured graphite to even sumi-e ink painting and iPad.

October 9 - November 3, 2013

Printers by the Sea Printers By the Sea

"Three Decades of Prints"

An exhibition of works by three Sunshine Coast artists. Nena Braathen, Janice McFegan and Russ Tkachuk's prints include etchings, woodcuts, linocuts and monoprints, both past and present. They range from recognizable elements to vivid abstract imagery of pure and wild speculation.

September 11 - October 6, 2013

Gordon Adaskin Through the Eyes of Gordon Adaskin

On October 5, 2013, the Sunshine Coast Arts Council will host an auction beginning at 4:00 pm with wine and appetizers. Artworks include paintings, sculptures and prints from Gordon Adaskin's studio and his private collection of other Canadian artists.

This auction provides a unique opportunity to collect oils, acrylics, and watercolours by Adaskin. His private collection includes works by other Western Canadian artists such as Bruce Head, Gordon Smith, Jack Harman, Flemming Jorgensen, Don Li Leger, John Snow, Bill Koochin, Jean Clarke, George Mihalcheon, Winston Leathers, Will Ogilvie and American, Robert Rauschenberg (signed poster). This fundraising auction will assist the Sunshine Coast Arts Council to continue support of the artistic and cultural life in the Coast community.

August 14 - September 9, 2013

Carte Blance 'Carte Blanche'

Juried Exhibition Showcasing Coast Artists

Carte Blanche seems an appropriate title for this multi-disciplinary group exhibition. Carte Blanche is defined as the unrestricted power to act at one's own discretion; to have permission to do something in any way you choose to do it.

August 6 - 10, 2013

Art and the Environment with Rogest Youth Summer Art Program with Rogest

The Rogest Youth Art Program is designed to provide a visual connection between art, awareness, good stewardship of the oceans and a sense of connection between individuals and the greater community. 'Art & the Environment for youth 8 - 18 years.

July 10 - August 4, 2013

Ceramics on the Edge '5th Annual Ceramics on the Edge'

14 Sunshine Coast Artists Juried Ceramics Showcase

Functional and decorative ceramics by:
Mike Allegretti, Suzanne Biden, Boehm, Marilyn Butt, Liz de Beer, Elaine Futterman, Pat Forst, Pam Horner, Katie Janyk, Betty Keller, Jack Olive, Joanne Scanlan, Pia Sillem, Heather Waddell. Juror: Debra Sloan


June 12 - July 7, 2013

sharon rubuliak Texture

Jane Richardson and Sharon Rubuliak

The Sunshine Coast Arts Council will present Texture - Fibre & Paint from June 12 to July 7. Sharon Rubuliak and Jane Richardson explore texture in their respective mediums, fibre and paint. Rubuliak uses textiles to reveal personal experience, daily events and the natural environment. Richardson's work ranges from beach scenes to cityscapes, creating texture with palette knives, sponges and the flow of paint. An opening reception will be held on Wednesday June 12, from 7 pm to 9 pm in the Doris Crowston Gallery of the Sunshine Coast Arts Council in Sechelt.

April 3 - 28 2013

Mental Health Group Looking Inward and Looking Outward

Bev Fearnehugh, Mary Lang, Jen Weyman

A collective art show of Mental Health and Addictions' clients and staff. This is an initiative to empower people who are marginalized and stigmatized by mental illness and/or addictions. Our goal for the project is to connect people with the community through their art, and help to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness and addictions.

Our vision is to open the world of mental illness and addictions to the world outside. Our story, our creative expression, is one that touches each member of our community in one way or another. In this way we hope that each piece will be "art that belongs to everyone."

By exploring what is within, we hope to convey all facets of the journey: the struggle, the shame, the hopelessness, as well as the healing and celebration of wellness. Art allows us to find our voice, and often express what was not known. Through colour, shape, form, and words we hope to convey the journey, the process we have lived. In telling our very human stories we hope to touch souls, creating a connection and breaking down barriers. If we can help dampen the fear and mystery that shrouds mental dis-ease, maybe we can open the door that will allow others to find the courage to heal.

March 6 - 31 2013

Leah Weinstein The Space We Share

Leah Weinstein

Leah Weinstein is a Vancouver-based artist exploring tensions between practical, everyday functionality, and utopian ideals. Inspired by tents and handcrafted textiles, Leah uses textile and metal to make shelterforms for contemplative interaction. Two sculptural forms will be on display at the gallery, and an exploration in dance/movement will take place during the opening. Emphasizing the body rather than the mind as the fundamental site for knowing the world, these works are a poetic enquiry into consciousness, exploring themes of embodiment, space, and the formless within the form. Leah Weinstein gratefully acknowledges funding for the creation of this work by Columbia Basin Trust, and Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance.

Media Landslide
Manon Staiger
Manon Staiger

Manon Steiger is a Gibsons artist who makes three dimensional work, both sculpture and installation, from found objects, steel, clay, etc. She also enjoys printmaking, particularly serigraphy, drawing, and painting. This body of work for "Media Landslide" is a response to her realization that she is a news junkie. She has collected and archived images from various media sources that have resonated with her over the years and reflects back on them once their news "story" has faded into history. These images become the starting point for photo-based, abstracted paintings that reference their digital source with pixilated imagery. They are presented on panels matching the dimensions of a television screen.

February 6 - March 3, 2013

Quilters Out of Bounds 'A Walk in the Forest'

Quilters Out of Bounds

Quilters Out of Bounds is a group of artists who choose fabric as their medium. Living on the Sunshine Coast we are surrounded by trees. Studies have shown that walking among trees relieves stress and has a positive effect on health. The Japanese practice "Shinrinyoku," or Forest Bathing, for stress relief and relaxation. It is this sense of calmness and connection that we have tried to recreate, each artist in her own way. Some of the trees are embellished with the application of other media. Enjoy a relaxing "Walk in the Forest" with us. Marie Barry, Jill Sullivan, Martha Tatman, Leslie Bing, Sybil Seel, Ann Dickie, Hilary Henderson, Penny Connell, Laura Mann and Sharon Roye are the members whose work will be in the show.

January 7 - February 8, 2013

FOG participants FOG - Friends of the Gallery

a group show

Members of the Sunshine Coast Arts Council present their work created during 2012. This is very popular and annual exhibition and celebrates the new year of the Arts.

October 10 - 28 2012
reception Saturday, October 13, 2:00 - 4:00pm

Hilary Stephens 'Beach Walk ~ photography

Hilary Anne Stephens

Sunshine Coast contemporary interpretive and abstract landscape photographer, Hilary Anne Stephens, captures the feeling, movement and light of the west coast. Stephens' images create the emotion of natural images rather than the realistic scene. Her work is inspired by Gordon Smith and Tony Onley, well-known Canadian artists. Come to feel the waves, smell the ocean, and see the evening skies like you have never felt, smelled or seen them before. Stephens' work is truly magical.

September 19 - October 7 2012
reception Wednesday, September 19, 7:00 - 9:00pm

Marilyn Marshall 'Joie de Vivre: The Surreal Edge'

Marilyn Marshall

Joie de Vivre is a show about organic nature at its liveliest. The paintings on canvas are of budding and burgeoning plants, ageing trees, languishing vegetables, people dancing, embracing, giving birth. But they are works of imagination, often surreal in ambiguous contexts, looming from the canvas, or sharing attributes of multiple organisms. Contrasting with these are smaller abstract paintings in acrylic and ink on paper; often minutely detailed, suggesting microscopic biological crosssections. In a few works on paper the macro-and micro-views are there simultaneously, as in a dancing couple with innards and skin blossoms on show. The surreal impulse of this work is often abetted by letting the painting ensue from hand-pressed mono-prints.

August 29 - September 16 2012
reception Wednesday, August 29, 7:00 - 9:00pm

Vickie Newington 4 'The Transparent North'

Vickie Newington

Vickie Newington, from Calgary, Alberta, has created a body of work that is light-hearted and inspired by her travels in Yukon. She found the air, the water, and the people to be so transparent that she was at once charmed and impressed. This show is about her journey of discovering another area of Canada, not often visited or understood.

Imagine paintings without canvas, sculpture without stone, rivers without water, and you begin t understand the extraordinary attraction of fires as an art form. Although fibre art has been created for thousands of years, its qualities have not been appreciated by the general public until recently, when galleries have increasingly been removing paintings from their walls and replacing them with textile art that is dimensional and demanding to be touched.

August 1 - 26 2012
reception Wednesday, August 1, 7:00 - 9:00pm

Obsession 'Obsession'

Group Show

A group juried show of artists' Obsessions. There will be an interactive event by Anna Banana in the courtyard in the garden. All the artists who submitted their work to the show will be present. Artists include: Donna Balma, Eileen Berczik, Susanne Biden, Nena Brathen, Jessica Cassey, Rose Christensen, Paul Connell, Penelope Connell, Marleen Daniel, Kathleen M. Dean, Francine Desjardines, Amelia Epp, Bob Evermon, Christel Foss-Moore, Gerry Hills, Beth Jankola, Katherine Johnstone, John Kroll, Courtney Lamb, Anna Banana, Margery Lambert, Steve M., Ian Macleod, Eleanor Mae, Marilyn Marshall, Kevin McEvoy, Janice McFegan, Judy McLarty, Elizabeth Nordlund, Charon O'Brien, Kristos Sultan, Sheila Page, Jone Pane, Janice Rafael, Betty Pehme, Monica Robb, Teresa Selbe-Baker, Carolina Simmie, Christy Suerre, Morice Spira, Ken Symons, Ken Walters, Russ Tkachuk, Alanna Wood.

July 4 - July 29, 2012
reception Wednesday, July 4, 7:00 - 9:00pm

Ceramics on the Edge 4 'Ceramics on the Edge 4'

Established and Emerging Artists

The annual juried exhibition of the best innovative new work created by Sunshine Coast ceramic artists. Two categories - established artists and emerging artists are represented in this show, which runs to July 29. The opening night reception begins at 7 pm, and Mary Fox will be discussing the work on display.

May 16 - June 3 2012
reception Wednesday, May 16, 6:00 - 8:00pm

Gertrude Pacific Sunshine Coast Conservation Association
'Beauty and the Biodiversity'

local photographers

Photographs from the 2012 and 2013 calendars published by the SCCA. 2012 Calendar photography by Tell Sametz. 2013 Calendar selected photographer's work will be on display.

Mar 14 - Apr 8 2012
reception Wednesday, Mar 14, 7:00 - 9:00pm

Gertrude Pacific Wonderful World - A Retrospective

Gertrude Pacific

She cares deeply about what is happening to the environment we all share and has found, through her art, various ways of focusing attention issues such as the negative impact of urbanization, resource extraction and global warming on the natural world. Pacific knows exactly what she is doing as she has been doing it for forty years. The Botanicals in coloured pencil reveal the intricate beauty of our native species. The Sechelt Peninsula Sunsets are created in "wet in wet" watercolour. By handling egg tempera with exquisite control, Gertrude fine-tunes the smaller jeweled Bijoux Sauvages portraits and the larger Wild Animal Saints icons. Under her brush the owl and jellyfish come alive as layers build into a glowing luminosity on canvases using the grisaille technique loved by the old masters.

Feb 15 - Mar 11 2012
reception Wednesday, Feb 15, 7:00 - 9:00pm

Jay Hanscom The Vulture, the Loot & the Anvil

Jay Hanscom

Hanscom has built his show "around the gallery space, taking advantage of each strength ..." He sees each exhibition as an installation, making decisions about the use of space which bring the viewer into a more intimate experience of the work. Hanscom, who currently lives in Victoria, will bring mixed media drawings on paper and a series of large scale mixed media and resin pieces on wood box frames. "The scale and the smooth aesthetic of the resin pieces compliments the large interior and wall space of the gallery. The work we'll see in this exhibition will recall some of the themes Hanscom examined in his last major solo show at the Evergreen Cultural Centre, " ... nostalgia and naive boyhood themes of masculinity and heroism conflicting with contemporary adult frustrations of power and prospect.." After graduating from Emily Carr Institute in 1998 Hanscom has been traveling and working in Western Canada. This is his first exhibition on the Sunshine Coast.

Aug 31 - Oct 2 2011
reception Wednesday, Aug 31, 7:00 - 9:00pm

Marina Crawford Still Life in Vancouver

Marina Crawford

Marina Crawford says this about her work, "In much the same way that still life paintings contain composition elements, such as juxtaposition, irony, symbolism, and at times a touch of the whimsical, so does this collection of images taken in a variety of Vancouver neighbourhoods." This exhibition is "... an on-going photographic project which came into being back in 1995." Crawford's work is, she says, "perhaps ... part of my journey towards becoming a more active member of the community of human kind."

Naturally in Infra-red
Mario Traina
Mario Traina

Mario Traina became fascinated with both the technical and the artistic possibilities presented by infra-red photography. He relishes the challenges of composition in black and white, and has enjoyed mastering the digital hand held camera despite his preference for working with a tripod. "Unlike the control of the studio, nature can sometimes offer a very small window for me to either help me create my next image or simply tease me enough for a fugure visit," he says. He wants you to see the light and the shadow and be, as he is, "... strongly connected to this medium and hope that it can inspire the viewer as well."

August 3 - 28 2011
reception Wednesday, August 3, 7:00 - 9:00pm

Portal/Portage Portal/Portage

Claudia Medina-Culos; Meg Towrl
Liliana Kleiner; Diane Tanchak

A collaboration of four artists who are known to one another, and who are each currently exploring in our work, humans as part of nature. PORTAL/PORTAGE combines the work of Meg Torwl in photo based video installations; Claudia Medina-Culos video installations and sound-scapes; Liliana Kleiner video work drawing on her photography, painting, and mixed media work; and Diane Tanchak abstract-realist style paintings. Each artist explores the nuance of location and the universality of story, while negotiating our bi-national, or tri-national cultural identities and/or art practices, in places we each understand as home. These are the stories we collect, create, and carry from LAN (Local Area Network -an internet term) to LAND, to LANGUAGE; or images as a language bypassing spoken language all together.

June 29 - July 31 2011

Ceramics on the Edge Ceramics on the Edge 3

11 Ceramic Artists

A juried Exhibition of innovative ceramics by Sunshine Coast artists including established artists: Liz de Beer, Susanne Biden, Maggie Citrin, Pia Sillem, Shey Smith & Diane Fisher Amaral; and emerging artists: Marilyn Butt, Betty Keller, Joanne Scanlan, Kez Sherwood and Heather Waddell. Jurors: Celia and Keith Rice-Jones.

June 8- 26 2011

Paul Point Counterpoint

Paul Clancy

The multimedia exhibit combines photography, digital work and DVD viewers. Paul says "I wanted to experiment with video and being able to have a certain amount of narrative. Also, as people are living in smaller and smaller houses, particularly in Vancouver and places like that, places to hang things are becoming scarcer and scarcer so I've been doing a lot of video work, which is relatively new for me," the video works incorporate slide shows with content ranging from black and white portrait photography to multiple layer presentations.

May 4 - 29 2011

Pat Collier Flowers: Playing with Light

Patricia Collier

I paint to express my love and awe for the beauty of this natural world. It is the light which has always led me forward in a deep fascination with capturing the magic it makes. This is a metaphor for my life outside of my art, yet it also accurately describes my experienc of painting. Lately I have been increasingly drawn to express the play of light on flowers, to translate onto canvas the graceful movement and replendent incandescence of blossoms as tempered by the light. This is a deeply spiritual experience which takes me beyond representation and into the heart of my creative expression.

Old and Rotten
Julia Dodge
Julia Dodge

Maybe it is because I have more years behind me than in front, but I seem to be attracted to subject matter that is worn, thrown away, left or become a backdrop to something new. I find beauty in these subjects that get passed over. Powerful beauty, not prettiness, has been a passion of mine all my life. Destruction, chaos, violence can easily create an emotional response. Beauty takes a bit of work to not fall into pretty. These pieces have been done in the last few years, drawing from places such as a quarry in Quebec, a garden in Victoria, the north coast of Ireland and on the property in Gibsons. Subject matter is important but even more so for me is composition, colour and form. I have to work large to physically feel the forms and for the viewer to feel the composition's weight and tension.

March 2 - 27 2011

Brett Varney Vivid Distractions

Brett Varney

About his work Varney says, "My inspiration is born from the works of the Impressionists and Abstract Expressionists - think Van Gogh meets Kandinsky at Gustav Klimt's house." Varney moved to Canada and to the Sunshine Coast in January 2007. He was attracted to the luscious beauty of the Coast which feeds his imagination and expression. He intends to make his viewers welcome in the scenes, using hand cut gold leaf as well as oil pastels, his work is energetic and brilliantly reflective. Varney's solo exhibition will embody the title of the show, vivid oil pastels with bright, saturated colours and a distraction - bringing the viewers to something beautiful in a busy life.

February 2 - 27 2011

Kristiana Gunnars
Alternate Light

Kristjana Gunnars

Kristjana Gunnars has worked in many artistic disciplines, including writing essays, fiction and poetry while working as a professor of creative writing at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Her move to the Sunshine Coast brought the beginning, in 2006, of her work in the discipline of painting. Gunnars is seeking through her paintings to find "the light (water, a tree) gives off, a kind of hidden light".

November 3 - 28 2010

Life & Limn Ourselves and Others

Portrait exhibit by the Life & Limn painting group

Life & Limn is a small group of Coast painters that has gathered on a regular basis for many years to paint the nude figure. I have been fortunate to have been involved for two or three years now. Recently, as a bit of a diversion, we decided to do a self-portrait as well as portraits of each other. The different approaches to the same subjects are, to say the least, interesting. The end result of all this is a show called "Ourselves & Others" which will include portraits of several individuals other than ourselves. Included in the show: Goodwin, Robb, Drope, Poynter, Riach, Tkachuk, Lambert, Romer & Marshall

Krista Maurer October 6 - 31 2010
reception Wednesday, October 6, 7:00 - 9:00pm

Faces, Places and The Spaces in Between

Krista Maurer

From her Blue Orca Studio on Daniel Point, this is Krista's first show at the Doris Crowston Gallery.

September 8 - October 3 2010

Landscapes Around Us

Tina Flux

Vibrant colours, strength and simplified bold shapes describe the artwork of West Coast artist Tina Flux. Her graphic style showcases the beauty and strength found within landscapes.

Tina Flux Every bold brush stoke has a purpose. Every colour has been thoughtfully chosen. Every shape is part of something bigger. Collectively, something beautiful is created.

The composition, shapes, values and colour of my paintings have developed from my work in photography. When photographing, I find the need to add my creativity to the scene which the camera could not capture. Painting gives me the ability to record my interpretations of what I see. Vibrant colour selections and strong purposeful brushstrokes bring positive energy and strength to each painting.

Aug 11 - Sept 5 2010

Ron Zheng Leaving My Found Eden: A Poetography Exhibit

Ron L. Zheng

For several years, I have been working on an art form that I call Poetography, merging English-language tanka poetry with black & white photography.

With Poetography, the tanka poetry is merged with the photographic imagery to create a dynamic tension that infuses new meanings into the words and images. I am hoping that this show will promote English-language tanka to a wider audience.

June 30 - July 25 2010

Krista Maurer Ceramics on the Edge

This is the second annual Ceramics on the Edge show. The intent of this juried exhibition is to present the best inovative new work created by ceramic artists resident on the Sunshine Coast. Two categories - established artists and Suzanne Bidenemerging artists - were judged separately, with the best of each category selected for inclusion in the show.

Established Artists included: Susanne Biden, Liz de Beer, Timothy Niebergall & Carlie Sanford, Jack Ploesser, Sandra Ramos, Pia Sillem, Shey Smith & Diane Amaral Fisher.

Emerging Ceramic Artists included: Marilyn Butt, Betty Keller, Joanne Scanlan, Heather Waddell.

May 12 - 30 2010

Afuwa Granger Transience and Beauty

Afuwa Granger

Afuwa Granger, who lives in Vancouver, says in her experience living in coastal locations she has observed “the ocean’s ebb and crash, the arrivals and departures resonant of an intertidal world of unending change,” making the scent and sound of her life. Granger’s work explores the surface of the female body as well as the secrets that surface can reveal.


Susan Fletcher Susan Fletcher

Susan Fletcher, long time resident of the Sunshine Coast, is showing Seasons, wall hangings and baskets, in fibre and mixed media. She says of her work, “Hands on experience, experimentation and observation of other’s work have been my art school.” Fletcher examines in her pieces the turnings of the earth, the seasons of life and land, the answers to questions drawn from deep contemplation.

We have with this exhibition the opportunity to consider the very different experiences of two women exploring what matters most to them, and offering those considerations to their viewers using different media.
Mar 3 - 28 2010

Sonja Kobrehel Between House and Home

Sonja Kobrehel

Leaving political and economic turmoil in eastern Europe for calmer waters in Vancouver has brought forth bright, colorful, somewhat whimsical paintings for Sonja Kobrehel of German-Hungarian ancestry.

Kobrehel, whose work has been exhibited in Hungary, Yugoslavia, Poland, Spain and Japan to both public and critical praise.

In studying the evolution of her work, one notes Kobrehel's interior perceptions and attitudes steadily evolve. As the artist says: "I am constantly searching (within and) about for something new."

The changing attaractions include script from the ancient Hungarian alphabet (called Rovasiras). Very often these new creations seem to float, fly, dance, undulate-even swim-against a background expanse of subtly mixed colors and hues, many very brilliant.
Feb 3 - 28 2010

Life Drawing 25 Years of Life

Life Drawing Group

Twenty-five years ago, a group of Sunshine Coast artists got together in Roberts Creek to draw the nude model, a practice which has been a standard part of artistic training for centuries. Since then, artists have come and gone, venues have shifted, and opportunities for life drawing have increased, but the original drawing group has continued its practice, most recently at the Sunshine Coast Arts Centre in Sechelt.

These new vigorous drawings are in various traditional drawing media, and their hallmarks are spontaneity and immediacy. They have been untouched by the artist after the modelling session and therefore show the very freshest impression of the human form which the human artist can bring to bear. The drawings are unframed and literally "paper" the walls of the exhibition space, atelier style, resulting in a vibrant celebration of the diversity of the human form.
Oct 28 - Nov 22 2009
R.B. Wainright

After the Circus

Paula O'Brien ~ Acrylic paint

Lush colorful figurative paintings take flight in Paula O'Brien's art studio in Gibsons, BC. These intimate portraits and lively images with dramatic and theatrical costumes are done in acrylics and mixed media and sometimes enriched with collage, stamping, beads, mirrors and textiles. Colorful images of children caught just before they burst into adolescents are part of my current focus. Including painting, portraits, wearable art garments, sculpture and photography.

Sept 30 - Oct 25 2009
R.B. Wainright

And So to Dream Again

R.B. Wainright ~ Acrylic paint

R.B. Wainwright is a painter and printmaker living on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast. He takes an iconic image as his starting point and creates highly cryptic pictures full of figurative shapes, abstract symbols and geometric forms. The images are clearly delineated and compositionally structured, but highly personal and idiosyncratic. It is difficult to tell if they are artfully planned or free associations in a stream of consciousness.

Sept 2 - 27 2009

Heather GatzGroping for the Points of Contact

Heather Gatz ~ Paintings, Collages, Boxes

Heather Gatz makes paintings, collages and boxes in Roberts Creek. In the 1990s she studied painting for four years at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design as well as in the Netherlands. Her overall aims are to create works of substance in a direct and deep way that respond honestly to the world and fully engage her relation to it. Her interest is communication and with her work she hopes to inspire the viewer to reflection and to then go forth from a new point. We are all in an always shifting, evolving and emerging relationship with each other.
Giorgio Magnanensi
With Special Events • Laboratorio, a series of performances, sound workshops, video art, circuit bending, live improvisations and a sound thinking forum curated by Giorgio Magnanensi and Steve Wright September 5, 11, 12,18 & 19.

Giorgio Magnanensi - based on the art of Heather Gatz

August 12 - 30 2009

harbour artists
Summer Invitational ~ "Friends from Home"

The Sunshine Coast Arts Council is pleased to announce the Summer Invitational: Friends from Home 1. This year’s Exhibition Committee proposed that they invite various painting groups and communities of visual artists to exhibit in the Doris Crowston Gallery over the next few summers.
St John's Artists
This year’s show brings together artists who meet at the Harbour Gallery in Madeira Park, and the St John’s United Artists who gather at the eponymous hall at the United Church in Davis Bay. Come to the Gallery and enjoy the exhibition of work made by your friends in your communities. There is no doubt you’ll be interested, perhaps delighted and surprised.

July 8 - July 29 2009

ceramics on the edgeCeramics on the Edge ~ Sunshine Coast Artists

Michaela Cochran, Morgan B Campbell, Patricia Leigh Forst, Beth Feldman, Shey Smith and Diane Amaral Fisher, Heather Waddell, Jack Ploesser, Mike Allegretti, Elaine Futterman, Pam Horner, Joanne B. Scanlan, Marilyn Butt, Ray Niebergall, Liz De Beer, Bev Niebergall, Timothy Niebergall, Betty C Keller, Carlie Sanford.

Ceramics on the Edge is a group show spotlighting the fabulous talent to be found among the ceramic artists of the Sunshine Coast. This juried show, the first in what we hope will be an annual event, will feature 18 of the most innovative and exciting clay craftsman from the area, artists who have been encouraged to push themselves beyond their former creative boundaries.

May 20 - June 14 2009

John DavisJohn Davis ~ Fire Photos

John Davis's exhibition of photographs of fire fighters and fire fighting, arise from his hope that they will increase public awareness of the important work our local Volunteer Firefighters do to protect us, our homes, and businesses. There will be canvas prints of photos for sale with proceeds to benefit Muscular Dystrophy of Canada.

John has worked in many media throughout years of work in the visual arts, watercolour, charcoal, pastels, soapstone, wood and clay sculpting. In the last eight years he has turned his passion to photography, which is his favourite, and 'the most fun form of art' he's ever known. Many of John's images are digital, and some are on film, printed with little or no editing. He enjoys creating unique images, and strives for the perfect shot every time. The means he sometimes has thousands of shots to choose from. Commercial and wedding.

Katie JanykKatie Janyk - 'Marking Time'

Born in Vancouver, ceramic artist Katie Janyk came to the Sunshine Coast in 1980, and operates Salamander Studio at her home in Gibsons.

Though she has experimented with textiles, glass, paints, photography, and printmaking, Katie's 30-year passion is clay. She has taught art and clay technique to children and adults, and over the years has created delicate porcelain vessels & plates, stoneware sculpture, burnished vessels in the Nigerian and early American traditions, raku and smoke-fired masks, and colourful earthenware tiles. She currently creates wall panels and mirror frames in sculpted bas-relief stoneware.

The subtle colouring and strong textures of Katie's current work are inspired by the land and architecture of coastal B.C., Mexico, and Turkey, where she spends time each year learning, working, and recharging her creative batteries.

"Marking Time" examines connections between past & present, and the nature of time's passing. Katie's work will be for sale.

April 1 - 19 2009

Willow YamauchiWillow Yamauchi ~ Apocalicious

Willow Yamauchi's vibrant acrylic paintings are playful, bizarre, and occasionally apocalyptic, reflecting a personality which craves sensation and finds release in creative work. Her visual art is located between worlds; between her two childhood homes in Vancouver and the remote BC coast, between kitsch and "c"ulture, and between domestic and the wild. Fantastic creatures-dragons, giant squid-and domestic pets, especially cats, populate her altered but recognizable "urbanscapes", as she re-frames Vancouver through references to both the mundane (Ferries, Starbucks) and the iconic (the Lion's Gate Bridge, Science World). Largely whimsical-we find cat warriors and dancers, and dragons holding birthday parties-her paintings consistently reference a post-human world, which both celebrates and implicitly challenges human achievement.

Sa Boothroyd Willow Yamauchi is a self-trained artistic "outsider" and draws her influence from Joe Average, I, Braineater and Archie comics as well as her children, the aquarium and her three cats.

Sa Boothroyd - 'Fowl Play'

"My initial inspiration is always from my imagination. From there I often close my eyes and use line and form to describe my ideas. Unexpected shapes often occur because of the obscure line and I use these to push in new directions. In a sense the paintings often take on a life of their own which may have little, or nothing, to do with the initial inspirations. I work on wood and use acrylics, oils and collage on a plaster base. I often incorporate printmaking techniques into my work and add texture. It is my hope that spontaneity and humour will keep my work fresh and creative".

March 4 - March 29 2009
reception Wednesday, March 4, 7:00 - 9:00pm

Christopher MarrapeseChristopher Marrapese ~ Moments of Bliss

I hope these canvases create a place for viewers to reflect, wonder, and dream. The geometric compositions and colour harmonies of this exhibition trace my efforts to make a place where my dreams come true.

This exhibition includes the latest expressions of work started in 2004. I rely on constant sketching and collage to simplify the painting process. Painting is a time for fast decisive action unencumbered by doubts. My best work happens quickly in moments of bliss when plan, passion, and instinct act as one.

Simon HaidukSimon Haiduk - 'Bridging Worlds'

Empowering my creative force is the love, respect, and understanding that all life comes from the same source, and can be shared in many ways. I create with the intent of bringing the viewer into their spirit-self and a remembrance of connectedness to the universe. I believe that visionary art can act as a tool for people to share this reflection and through viewing the art can be awakened to a primordial sense of oneness that is missing in many peoples' lives. The art selected for this showing is some of my more potent creations that I believe have this quality. In my artistic process it is most importantly this certain flow that becomes the essential aspect of bringing this energy into physical reality.

February 4 - March 1 2009
reception Wednesday, Feb 4, 7:00 - 9:00pm

Nadine TandyNadina Tandy - 'The Apotropaeic Effect' - acrylic on board

‘It is the discovery of the undiscovered that I am after when I work. I want the piece to speak to me, lead me. I like the excitement of not knowing, of being unsure, having to trust the impulses of my deeper self to just create what needs to be heard, seen and expressed. If I trust my own process the truth will come out in colour and shape, in beauty and ugliness. Ultimately, this impulse to create, to get to the truth, to feel the freedom that results from the process is my motivation.’

Oct 1 - 26th 2008
reception Wednesday, Oct 1, 7:00 - 9:00pm

Lez NiepoLez Niepo - 'Retrospective Collection' - mixed media

Lez Niepo is a local artist and resident of the Sunshine Coast for almost 30 years. His studio, Allworks, is located in Halfmoon Bay. His work has been exhibited locally, nationally and internationally.

Lez's exhibition will be a dynamic display of his recent and past work. Please join us in celebrating this exhibit. Work exhibited is for sale.

Sept 3 - 28th 2008
reception Wednesday, Sept 3, 7:00 - 9:00pm

Vasi PetoussisVasi Petoussis - 'Full Circle' - oil on canvas

Vasi states that the first piece in her Full Circle series was the inspiration behind the rest. "As I began layering colours and playing with shapes, I found myself painting in circular patterns." Through her exploration of the symbolism of the circle, she describes this series as "an exploration of emotional states" and that, like emotions, the pieces are meant to be experienced more than analyzed.

Kay Bonathan - 'Wisdom of the Lotus' - porcelain, stoneware, collage and acrylic

Kay Bonathan Kay Bonathan's series Wisdom of the Lotus presents stylized ceramic sculptures and collage paintings that represent the symbolism and "beauty and purity of the lotus flower". She states that this exhibition "expresses my concern with the current degradation of society" and the flower images suggest "beauty and vitality overcoming negative karma".

The Doris Crowston Gallery at the Sunshine Coast Arts Centre is open Wednesday to Saturday 11am to 4pm, and Sunday 1pm to 4pm, and is located at the corner of Trail Ave. and Medusa St. Work exhibited is for sale. Please join us in celebrating this joint exhibit.

Aug 13 - 31st 2008
reception Wednesday, August 13, 7:00 - 9:00pm

Leonie CroyLeonie Croy - 'Chalice and Totem' - oil, acrylic, ink & charcoal

Leonie says of her work “the emotional power and nourishment of the chalice and totem archetypes is what I want to convey in these paintings”. Integrated with salmon, eagle and Celtic symbols, Leonie communicates the sense of wholeness that is felt when the spiritual energy of these ancient archetype images is recognized and brought back into consciousness.

Ray and Bev Niebergall, Tim Niebergall and Carlie Sanford - 'Vision and Fantasy' - porcelain & stoneware

Carlie Sanford The group of Ray and Bev Niebergall, Tim Niebergall, and Carlie Sanford state “it is our desire with this show to provide a place where vision and fantasy meet”. By bringing an experience of their inner communication into the 3D world of clay, they delight and stimulate the viewer’s creative imagination and convey the timeless space where we all go and come from.

The Doris Crowston Gallery at the Sunshine Coast Arts Centre is open Wednesday to Saturday 11am to 4pm, and Sunday 1pm to 4pm, and is located at the corner of Trail Ave. and Medusa St. Work exhibited is for sale. Please join us in celebrating this joint exhibit.

July 9 - 27 15 2008
reception Wednesday, July 9, 7:00 - 9:00pm

Michaela CochranMichaela Cochran - Radiance - porcelain

As a maker of decorative, functional pottery, I seek to draw attention to our rituals of daily life. The highly ornate quality of my pots prevents thoughtless use, and rather demands respect and encourages the celebration of their functions. The mood of my self-confident and highly energetic pots is one of festivity, exuberance, and delight in existence. It is my hope that these emotions are carried on to those who see and use my work.

I choose porcelain as my material for many reasons: The sense of fluidity it retains even when fired creates an animated appearance. Its whiteness provides a ground that enhances brightly coloured glazes, while its translucency creates depth and intensifies this vividness. Its fine texture allows it to carry even the most intricate patterns and textures. When thrown, porcelain achieves a soft, voluminous quality that combines an inflated robustness with yielding vulnerability. These properties all draw me to see my pots as living things, each with its own personality, whether it be proudly uptight, goofily laid-back, or self-consciously pretty. I costume my pots with ornament and decoration to emphasize and celebrate their unique personalities. My pots have no fear of overdoing it: they are eccentric, bold, whimsical, and overstatedly, unabashedly feminine. Together, they revel in their variety and singularity.

As a craftsperson, I feel great satisfaction in creating beautiful objects. Beauty has a function in its own right, to create an aesthetic experience, or simply to enhance our living environment. I also use beauty to denote status in functional objects, to encourage enjoyment and gratitude for the sensuous experiences of everyday acts; pouring tea, sipping from a cup, serving food. This unique ability to reach into the realms of art and life, defines for me the role of the craft object.

Quilters Out of Bounds - Group of Eight Women from the Sunshine Coast

Quilters Out of Bounds The members of Quilters out of Bounds include: Jill Sullivan, Sharon Roye, Laura Mann, Marie Berry, Ann Dickie, Janet Tufnall, Hillary Henderson, and Judy Ross. They have all exhibited in numerous quilt and fibre art exhibits, ranging from local (Sunshine Coast Quilt Guild Show, Gibsons Landing Fibre Arts Festival, Sechelt Arts Show) to nations (Canadian Quilt Associated) and international show (Houston/Chicago/Long Beach-International Quilt Show), as well as small gallery shows. Most have received several awards for their work.

Quilters out of Bounds is a group of eight women from the Sunshine Coast who have worked together for the past four years to hone their colour and design skills in a collaborative critique effort. We all are quilters of long experience, but we have moved from traditional quilting to fibre art, a fairly recent development among quilters and one that has not yet been fully recognized by the art world. Our monthly discussions have been helpful in developing a common language and criteria for evaluating the pursuit of different visions. Because each person in the group works in a different style, we chose to spend the last year in developing work that focused on a theme, thus giving coherence to a body of work. The use of fibre, like the use of paint or photography, focuses on colour, form, and balance. However, exploring the natural and greatly varied tactile quality of fibre provides a primary focus for our work. The range of materials available to the fibre artist as well as the range of techniques is remarkably broad, including e.g., piecing, appliqué, free motion stitching, painting, beading, dyeing, foiling, computer printing, and embroidery, all of which are routinely used in our work.

June 18 - July 6 2008
reception Wednesday, June 18, 7:00 - 9:00pm
annual fog show
First Annual National Aboriginal Day Exhibition

The First Annual National Aboriginal Day show will feature contimporary weavings, paintings, fashion design and sculpture by up and coming Sechelt and other First Nations artists. Traditional works will be part of the exhibition.
Curator: Dionne Paul

May 28 - June 15 2008
reception Wednesday, May 28, 7:00 - 9:00pm

maurice spiraMaurice Spira - Landscapes

Working 'out of doors' in the mid-seventies in Vancouver, up and down the waterfront, Maurice resumed the practice in 2005, with a couple of friends, initiating a summer program of landscape painting depicting local industries as they appear situated in our coastal landscape. Unlike most contemporary artists dependent on photographic reference for their work, these canvases were created 'out of doors' (en plein air) directly on site, in a single session. While landscape work only represents about a quarter of my production overall, I consider it to be of crucial importance, since it involves a direct, living relationship with nature, demands basic classical skills, flexibility and a considerable degree of spontaneity.

Kathleen Barrett - Paint

kathleen Barrett The medium I use - acrylic paints on canvas - is conducive to working with the spontaneous creativity that inspires my paintings. I have no pre-conceived message(s), and do not intend for my paintings to mean anything other than what they are. Any titles I might give them are merely afterthoughts used to distinguish one painting from another. However, seen as a whole body of work, I recognize that my paintings (and the titles) also reflect who I am as a person. Viewed this way, the underlying sentiment of my paintings reflects the angst, frustration and anger I feel as an anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist citizen of a so-called "democratic" society, one which has never represented my ideals. This is a society which, in my eyes, glorifies murder in the form of war and enriches itself through the exploitation of people and nature, all the while denying the destruction that these practices entail. Those feelings and beliefs - as well as my yearning for the disappearing natural world, our life source - are part of who I am, and influence what I do, including my art.

young peoples show
March 12 - April 13 2008
Young People's Own Show
~ High School

April 30 - May 11, 2008
Young People's Own Show
~ Elementary Show
Featuring work of Sunshine Coast Elementary and High School students.

CANSCAIP March 12 - April 13 2008
reception Wednesday, March 12, 3:30 - 5:30pm
with special guest entertainment by fabric artist Sandy Buck and her puppets

CANSCAIP Reception
(Canadian Society for Children's Authors, Illustrators and Performers)

Featuring children's book illustrations. This show is presented in collaboration with the Sunshine Coast Festival of the Written Arts and the Sechelt Public Library.

click here for recipients of the awards, statements and images

February 13 - Mar 9 2008
reception Saturday, February 16, 1:00 - 3:00pm

Young Artist Awards Show 2008
All Artists Ages 5 to 18 who love to do artwork at home this is an art event to celebrate youth and art out of the school setting.

January 9 - February 10 2008
reception Wednesday, January 9, 7:00 - 9:00pm

annual fog showFriends of the Gallery - Arrange to be Hung

An amazing number of accomplised artists live on the Sunshine Coast and many of them participate every year in this group show., sharing ideas and techniques they have learned. In the past few years we have reached nearly 100 artists to the FOG exhibit. With so many selections of mediums included in the show there is always a good selection of styles to enjoy.

November 21 - December 22, 2007
reception Wednesday, November 21, 7:00 - 9:00pm

Judy Ross - Abandoned Houses

Working primarily in abstraction, Judy RossJudy Ross began quilting as a child under her grandmother’s tutelage. In her late teens she would baby-sit for countless hours; once the children were asleep she would quilt hundreds of little hexagons together. In 2002 she was the featured quilter for the Fibre Arts Festival here on the Sunshine Coast with an exhibition of ten abandoned house quilts. Her inspiration to quilt abandoned houses arose in 2002 when she became concerned about the fate of many such homes in Point Roberts. In this show Judy will be displaying large landscapes with houses—many of which no longer exist except in photographs, quilts, and in our minds. “The houses have the beauty of age as well as some of the dangers of age. They also pose the question of what is to happen. I find that as one ages, the past becomes less a matter of nostalgia and more a matter of reality that has been in almost every sense lost. How, in an endlessly progressing and expansionist society, are we to keep in touch with our individual or collective history, with the actuality that gave birth to what we have become? These quilts are a small attempt.’’

Barry Goodman - Authors: A Portrait
Barry Goodman
Barry Goodman is a history buff and teacher of art history who is interested in ideas such as the history of technology and communication, but has work in fibres that are very consciously grounded in a theoretical framework relating to contemporary currents in philosophy. “I began this series of portraits five years ago. I started with one single portrait, to test an idea, an experiment. I have always been interested in words, language, writing and even printing. The way which words, abstract marks on white pages, have the ability to produce images in our minds. I wanted in these portraits of authors, some familiar and others less so, (and some more then others!) to elicit a sense of texuality . . . a literalness. I have worked on other projects and yet still continue to return to the portrait.’’

2007 banner awards Oct 31 - Nov 18 2007
Young Peoples' Banner Project

Presentation, November 18, 1:00 - 2:30pm

September 26 - October 28, 2007

Royden Josephson - Who Has Seen the Wind?

Working primarily in abstraction,
Royden JosephsonAshcroft painter Royden Josephson’s goal is “to make art that enriches life, art that helps us know ourselves and our world more intimately.” In this exhibition he pursues wind as a theme, exploring the formal relationship between elements on the canvas. “The notion of using wind as a theme is challenging in that wind is invisible, and therefore is totally illusive as a subject matter. Wind is a physical feature of our real world that concerns all, perhaps no one more than farmers and fishers.” Josephson has a BFA from the University of Manitoba. Having previously worked as an art teacher, he now devotes his time entirely to his own practice. Josephson has exhibited across Canada and in New York City.

Ed Varney - Postal Collages
Ed Varney
Ed Varney’s inventive and resourceful “postal collages” are composed of strips of used envelopes including his original perforated “artistamps” that he has sent through the postal system and exchanged with other artists over thirty years. Each strip of torn envelope records a trip through time and space: “I suppose it’s a form of recycling, turning used stamps and envelopes into art, but it also reminds us that as a thing becomes obsolete (in this case snail mail) it becomes more precious.” Varney is a Canadian artist, curator, writer and poet based in Vancouver. In the early 70s, he was one of the original mail artists who formed an international network of artists and poets who exchanged work and ideas through the mail.

August 21 - September 23 2007
Marilyn Marshall
Marilyn Marshall - Bending The Body

Local artist Marilyn Marshall's acrylic paintings bend anatomy. Working from the human body she sometimes simplifies, sometimes zooms in, resulting in novel shapes, textures and juxtapositions that transcend our usual experience of the body. Rather than replicating the human form she expresses the feeling, gesture or "meaning" of the figure.

Susan Furze - Exploring the Figure
Susan Furze
Susan Furze transforms her usually abstract stained glass work to the figurative. She uses her skill in a variety of glass techniques and creates designs in homage to artists such as Klimt and Klee producing this "Body of Work."

Jan Poynter Jan Poynter - Exploring the Figure

Jan Poynter takes the tradition of life drawing "mark-making" to the more permanent painted format. The paintings are composed within a square format combining charcoal and drawing mediums with acrylic paints. Poses are intentionally created to evoke a subtle emotional response in the viewer.

July 10 - August 19, 2007

Annual Summer Invitational - On The Horizon

Selected Sunshine Coast Artists were invited to articulate the term on the horizon in a new work for this exhibition. Horizon can be interpreted as the limits set on personal or political issues; one's outlook of the present or future; or simply, depictions of earth meeting sky.

jone pane May 30 - July 8, 2007

Jone Pane - Summer in Paradise

This photographic series depeicts wax figures idylically floatingjana curll in water. Sechelt artist Jone Pane grew her garden specifically for photographic projects such as this.

Jana Curll - Lounge Ladies

These acrylic paintings of women are done in a whimsical portrait style. Vancouver artist Jana Curll portrays what she calls "elements of the feminine un-Divine".

May 9 - May 27 2007

The Sunshine Coast Arts Council is pleased to present the art by Life and Limn. This is the name of a group of painters who came together because of acquaintance and common purpose in the venerable Life Drawing sessions at the S.C. Arts Centre in Sechelt. Though some had had formal training in art, most were introduced to painting from a live model in the half-day workshops which Thomas Anfield, a noted Vancouver figurist, offered at the S.C. Arts Centre in 2001 and 2002. In the following two years, Anfield was persuaded to travel to the Coast for two 10-week life painting series. Thereafter, the group has met without instructor to paint from life each Thursday for ten weeks in the fall and ten weeks in the spring. In January 2005, these painters put on a group show called Revelations at the Gibsons Public Art Gallery. In March of that year, the show travelled to Hope, BC.

In 2005-2006, the group gave itself the name, Life and Limn. It continues to paint together for twenty weeks of the year. Membership has changed over time, though a substantial core of “originals” remain with the group. Membership is approximately eight painters for reasons of space as the group meets in the art studio in the S.C. Arts Centre. “Life and Limn” is a self-regulating group, with members sharing the work associated with setting up painting sessions with a live model. Most members also continue to draw with the Life Drawing group, and some paint together en plein aire during the summers.

Members of Life and Limn come from widely different walks of life and from backgrounds ranging from art school to no art instruction, though most members make use of courses and workshops offered on the Coast, in Vancouver, at the Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts (MISSa), and on location in México and elsewhere. Life and Limn is moved to perpetuate itself by a common love for the challenge and inspiration of painting the human body.

young peoples own show
March 28 - April 15 2007

Young Peoples' Own Show
- Part 1 High School Students

April 18 - May 6 2007
Young Peoples' Own Show
- Part 2 Elementary Students

February 21 - March 25 2007
Heather Conn
Heather Conn - Maya on the Playa: Burning Man

Local photographer Heather Conn displays images from the last two Burning Man Festivals on the Playa of the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. She documents this eight day annual Festival which is held as an experiment in community, radical self-expression and radical self-reliance; the attendance has grown from 20 participants in its first year (1986) to an estimated 39,100 in 2006.

Florence Debeugny - Through
florence debeugny
Vancouver photographer Florence Debeugny exhibits a series she has been working on for the past four years. She photographs in industrial neighbourhoods, back alleys, shipyards and scrap yards through such barriers as wire fences, dirty and broken windows. Her focus is either on the background or the different layers of the foreground, illustrating the way we observe, judge and interpret the world around us.

January 10 - February 18 2007

friends of the gallery 1987 was the first year of the Friends of the Gallery at the Sunshine Coast s Centre, soon after it became an annual exhibition. All Sunshine s Council members are invited to display one work of they have produced in the last year. This year the exhibition runs Jan 10- Feb 18, 2007.

An amazing number of visual artists live on the Sunshine Coast and many participate in this group show and share their accomplishments, techniques and ideas. In the last few years the number of artists in the exhibition has reached nearly 100. With that many works included there is always a good selection of media and styles.

November 29 - December 22 2006

Dean Schutz Dean Schutz - Crypto-Vision
Kevin McEvoy - Blue Mountain Graphic Editions

Two Exhibitions open at the Sunshine Coast s Centre on Wednesday November 29th. Local artist Dean Schutz exhibits recent paintings entitled Cryptovision. Concurrently Kevin McEvoy, artist& local secondary school teacher, exhibits lithographs in Blue Mountain Editions. The works will be on display until Friday December 22nd.

Kevin McEvoy is a multi-media artist who has perfected the demanding skill of printing by stone lithography. He operates his own press, and is in charge of the entire process. Kevin will exhibit some of his own lithographs as well as lithographs he has hand pulled for other artists. Works from artists Gordon Smith, Greta Guzek, Gordon Munroe, Kathyrn Jacobi, Lori-Ann Latremouille and Joan Warn will be included in this exhibit.

Dean’s new series of multi media paintings synthesize images and information from the barrage of the 21st century information super-storm. His ideas may come from dusty books, discarded maps, broken toys, and beached bones; Debussy to da Beastie Boys; birds to biocoenosis. Revealed in paint or hidden in code; as copies or carvings or collections. From here the intent becomes more focused and the picture becomes clear. Achieving that clarity is simple. All you need is Cryptovision The Sunshine Coast s Council is a volunteer-based society founded February 22, 1966 to raise to profile of local artists and artisans and to broaden the opportunities for Sunshine Coast citizens to enjoy and to participate in cultural activities.