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The Sunshine Coast Arts Centre is a professionally run public art gallery. It is owned and operated by the Sunshine Coast Arts Council, a non-profit society funded by the Sunshine Coast Regional District, the District of Sechelt, the BC Arts Council, our members, private and corporate sponsors and fund-raising events.

The Sunshine Coast Arts Centre is an unique log structure, centrally located at Trail Ave. & Medusa St. in Sechelt. It presents a year-round schedule of exhibits of contemporary art by both local and off-coast artists. With our two exhibiting areas we have up to 12 exhibition timeslots in the year.

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                          The 2014 Doris Crowston Gallery Shows at a glance

                                   Printed schedule available HERE.

Jan 8- Feb 9 2014 ~ Reception: Wednesday Jan 8, 7 - 9pm
      Friends of the Gallery 2014

Feb 12 - Mar 16 2014 ~ Reception: Saturday Feb 15, 4 - 6pm
      Andre Serin - Going Coastal
      Dean van't Schip - Going Coastal

Mar 19 - Apr 20 2014 ~ Reception: Wednesday Mar 19, 7 - 9pm
      Christy Sverre - Respond and Reflect
      Marlene Lowden - Respond and Reflect

Apr 23 - Jun 1 2014
      Young Peoples Own Show - Elementary & Secondary

Jun 4 - 29 2014 ~ Reception: Wednesday Jun 4, 7 - 9pm
      Adam Cramb - Life is Magnificant
      Bill Edmonds - Talking to Strangers

Jul 2 - 27 2014 ~ Reception: Sunday, July 6, 2 - 4pm
      Kevin McEvoy
      Elaine Hunter - Journey Through Dreamtime

Jul 28 - 30 2014 ~ Reception & Exhibition July 30, 1:30pm
      Rogest Student Art Week

Aug 6 - 31 2014 ~ Reception: Saturday Aug 9, 4- 6pm
      'Juried Exhibition' - Metamorphosis

Aug 16 - 17 2014
      27th HACKETT PARK Summer Arts & Crafts Fair - Jury Submissions: Mar 28 2014

Sept 3 - 28 2014 ~ Recepion: Wednesday Sep 3, 7 - 9pm
      Ian McLeod - Untitled

Oct 1 - 26 2014 ~ Reception: Wednesday Oct 1, 7 - 9pm
      Jennifer Drysdale - In to the Wilderness
      Rochelle Nehring - The Good Old Boys

Oct 17-18-19 2014
      Sunshine Coast Art Crawl

Oct 29 - Nov 23 2014 ~ Reception: Wednesday Oct 29, 7 - 9pm
      Sheila Page - From Far and Near
      Hiroshi Shimazaki - From Far & Near

Nov 28 - 30 2014 ~ Reception: Friday 6:30 - 9pm
      Christmas Craft Fair ~ details to come

Dec 3 - Dec 14 2014 ~ Reception: Sunday Dec 14, 12:30 - 1:15pm
      Banner Project

Dec 3 - Dec 14 2014 ~ Reception: Sunday Dec 14, 2:30 - 3:30pm
      Young Artist Awards

Jan 7 - Feb 8 2015 ~ Reception: Wednesday Jan 7, 7 - 9pm
      Friends of the Gallery 2013 ~ Work intake Sun Jan 4 2015, 1 - 4pm

  To view the archive of past shows CLICK HERE

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March 19 - April 10, 2014

Christy Sverre Respond and Reflect

Christy Sverre

Christy's painting style is defined by bold lines, riots of colour and pattern in an attempt to bring clarity and order to the wild chaos of impressions in her mind that have built up over years of living in different cultural environments.

'I am fascinated by how, when we travel, we look but do not see at first. Over time the new becomes familiar and fresh elements are added to our visual language. My process is exploratory and intensely personal, as I construct and de-construct. I work in acrylic and mixed media.'

Marlene Lowden
Marlene Lowden
Lowden is fascinated by the play between texture, colour, and light, Marlene finds inspiration everywhere but especially in the natural surroundings of the beautiful Sunshine Coast and drawn to abstraction.

"I'm a painter, yogi & at heart, an optimist. My work is about connection; helping people feel connected to their own creativity, to each other, to this planet we share & to themselves because connection creates awareness & understanding.

February 12 - March 16, 2014

Dean van't Schip Going Coastal

Dean van't Schip

This show is a selection of Beautiful Sunshine Coast nature images in colour photography. Born and raised on BC's beautiful Sunshine Coast, Dean has been photographing the natural environment for over 30 years. His appreciation for the beauty and biodiversity of this unique area comes through in his high definition medium format transparencies and high resolution digital images.

Dean is a regular contributor to the stock photo agency All Canada Photos and has had images published in publications such as Over Beautiful BC, the Encyclopedia of BC, Wildflowers of the Pacific Northwest, Pacific Yachting, Whistler the Magazine and Hasselblad Forum. Tourism BC, the Western Canada Wilderness Committee, the Canadian Parks & Wilderness Society and Harbour Publishing have all used his images in books, magazines, calendars, brochures and cards over the past 20 years.

Andre Serin
Andre Serin

In his current series of Coastal paintings, Andre Serin focuses on images of undersea creatures and casts them as supernatural beings dripping with luxuriant colour.

Serin's work is built upon a foundation of Painting and Sculpture and often has a tendency to inhabit the liminal space between. It is his interest in blurring the boundaries of medium and material that has led him to explore mixed media installations involving painting, sculpture, video, audio and performance and framing them within recognizable social settings.

FOG participants January 8 - February 9, 2014

Friends of the Gallery

a group show

Eighty four members of the Sunshine Coast Arts Council present their work created during 2013. This is very popular and annual exhibition and celebrates the new year of the Arts.