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The Sunshine Coast Arts Centre is a professionally run public art gallery. It is owned and operated by the Sunshine Coast Arts Council, a non-profit society funded by the Sunshine Coast Regional District, the District of Sechelt, the BC Arts Council, our members, private and corporate sponsors and fund-raising events.

The Sunshine Coast Arts Centre is an unique log structure, centrally located at Trail Ave. & Medusa St. in Sechelt. It presents a year-round schedule of exhibits of contemporary art by both local and off-coast artists. With our two exhibiting areas we have up to 12 exhibition timeslots in the year.

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                 The 2015 Doris Crowston Gallery Shows at a glance

                     Download printed schedule available HERE.

Jan 7- Feb 8 2015 ~ Reception: Wednesday Jan 7, 7 - 9pm
      Friends of the Gallery 2015

Feb 11 - Mar 15 2015 ~ Reception: Wednesday Feb 11, 7 - 9pm
      Cindy Riach - Places and Spaces
      George Connell - Oil Spiel

Mar 18 - Apr 19 2015 ~ Reception: Wednesday Mar 18, 7 - 9pm
      Suzy Naylor - A Fool's Journey
      Roberta Mauel - Garden

Apr 22 - May 31 2015
      Young Peoples Own Show - Elementary & Secondary

Jun 3 - July 5 2015 ~ Reception: Wednesday Jun 3, 7 - 9pm
      Ursula Medley - Outlooks On A Landscape
      Pete Gynd - Outlooks On A Landscape

Jul 6 - 19 2015 ~ Reception: Wednesday July 8, 1- 2pm
      Rogest Student Art Workshop - July 6 - 8 2015
      Rogest Student Art Exhibition - July 8 - 19 2015

Jul 22 - Aug 23 2015 ~ Reception & Exhibition July 22, 7 - 9 pm
      Summer Juried Art Exhibition - 'Shades of Grey"

Aug 15 - 16 2015
      28th HACKETT PARK Summer Arts & Crafts Fair

Aug 26 - Sept 27 2015 ~ Recepion: Wednesday Aug 26, 7 - 9pm
      Brian Romer - Sechelt, MyWay
      Pat Ridgway - Where I Live

Sept 30 - Nov 1 2015 ~ Reception: Wednesday Sept 30, 7 - 9pm
      Margery Lambert - Memories of a Dancer
      Franca Tesloveanu - Art Dolls, Celebrating Fashion History

Oct 16 - 17 - 18 2015
      Sunshine Coast Art Crawl

Nov 4 - 18 2015 ~ Reception: Wednesday Nov 4, 7 - 9pm
      30th Anniversary - Life Drawing

Nov 21 - 22 2015 ~
      Coast Weavers - Fibre Plus Show

Nov 27 - 29 2015 ~
      "Deck the Halls" ~ Christmas Craft Fair

Dec 2 - Dec 20 2015 ~ Reception: Sunday Dec 20, 12:30 - 1:15pm
      Banner Project

Dec 2 - Dec 20 2015 ~ Reception: Sunday Dec 20, 2:30 - 3:30pm
      Young Artist Awards

  To view the archive of past shows CLICK HERE

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July 22 - August 23, 2015

Shades of Grey

Sunshine Coast Artists Group Show

Sunshine Coast Artists were given the challenge: "Get out your grey scale and start creating"! And they did. The jury met and 51 local artists were selected for this multi-disciplinary exhibition at the Doris Crowston Gallery in the Sunshine Coast Arts Centre.

Works cover a kaleidoscope of artistic expression including: drawing, painting, photography, stone and metal sculpture, fabric work, and digital media.

June 3- July 5, 2015

Outlooks On A Landscape

Ursula Medley Ursula Medley and Peter Gynd

An exhibition pairing the work of mother and son artists, Ursula Medley and Peter Gynd. Each working primarily within the genre of landscape painting, the artists' individual works present a practice unique to their own convictions yet anchored within an exploration of the Canadian Landscape.

Working within the rich traditions of European and Canadian landscape painting, Ursula Medley brings her subject under the microscope, focusing on the garden as landscape. Employing her unique techniques developed for on location painting, Medley's gardenscapes nod at the rich traditions of Emily Carr and the Group of Seven while bringing the Canadian Landscape in from the wilds to our own backyards.
Peter Gynd
Peter Gynd's practice approaches the landscape much as a conceptual question or ideal notion. Not fundamentally concerned with a literal representation of a place, Gynd's work becomes more an exploration of landscape as identity. In his Seascapes, Gynd exploits the horizontal line, seeing it as the only essential part of representing a scene and often the only deliberate mark amongst a more arbitrary application of paint. Conversely, in Gynd's Blanket Series, the artist inserts himself into scenes draped in a Hudson's Bay Blanket, exploring the figure/ground relationship and resulting cultural dialogue which the blanket enables.

April 22 - May 31, 2015

Young Artists Exhibition Young People's Show

Elementary Schools
April 22 - May 10

High Schools
May 13 - May 31

The exhibit is an annual event highlighting the Young Artists Exhibitionartwork from local Sunshine Coast schools.

All sunshine Coast schools have been invited to participate. The only stipulation is that the work submitted must have been created while in a school based art program. This is always a vibrant and creative original art show by our emerging youg artists.

March 18 - April 19, 2015

A fool's Journey

Jennifer Drysdale Suzy Naylor

Suzy Naylor paints to enable others to imagine their own stories. Sometimes she 'throws paint at the canvas until something appears". She then paints images as they spontaneously emerge, as one might see faces in clouds, so that others are free find their own meaning. When she begins a painting with a story in mind, she believes that she could have told the same story in words, and that her paintings ought to fulfill a purpose that the verbal, analytical side of her mind cannot. However it is fitting to tell a bit of Suzy's story that inspired her upcoming exhibition, "a Fool's Journey". She set out from France on foot, on a three month spiritual journey, a right of passage to mark turning seventy years old. At the end she came to realize the the journey itself was the goal of the pilgrimage. Cecelia Pineda, a friend who Suzy accompanied on the pilgrimage, will have her stories exhibited alongside Suzy's paintings. These stories do not interpret the paintings. They are about the same journey, from another person's point of view.

Rochelle Nehring Garden

Roberta Mauel

Gibsons-based artist Roberta Mauel’s vibrant watercolours turn to the subject of cultivated flowers for her exhibition “Garden.” This is a departure from her focus on the wilderness as a source of inspiration. Roberta loves to hike, and often paints outdoors, en plein air. A certified translator of German, she began painting in watercolours thirty years ago as a hobby, at times working with other artists and taking art courses. Over time, painting became a bigger part of her life, as she began to exhibit her work in public. In her new body of work, Roberta chose to turn to a familiar, comforting subject. “Flowers and gardens are such an important part of life to so many people here on the Coast,” she says. Because she spends so much time travelling, gardens are a reminder of what it means to be home. “Gardens are a great source of calm and peacefulness, and can have an enormously soothing influence on the viewer. Gardens are a place of solace and beauty and my aim was to capture the essence of beauty in the simplicity of this subject.”

February 11 - March 15, 2015

Jennifer Drysdale Places and Spaces

Cindy Riach

Gibsons’-based artist Cindy Riach’s new paintings
explore the possibilities of imaginative interior spaces, as well as the expressive and colourful landscapes and water scenes with which she’s made her name. "Places and Spaces" includes interiors incorporating still life arrangements and figurative painting, freed from logical arrangement in space. Cindy says that she wanted to experiment with creating compositions in an imaginative way. She invites viewers to explore these inner spaces in their own personal way.

Rochelle Nehring Oil Spiel

George Connell

To George Connel, painting is about telling stories, as demonstrated in his exhibition, “Oil Spiel”. Captured in broad strokes, with an assured sense of colour and design, his paintings convey the essence of life as it is taking place. Looking at George’s paintings, there is a sense that the image frames one small moment in time as it unfolds. George’s paintings are eclectic, including many portraits, scenes of boats at dock, and some that don't neatly fit into any category, such as the feet of two people, in hiking boots, standing on a stony shore.

January 7 - February 8, 2015

FOG participants FOG - Friends of the Gallery

a group show

Ninety one members of the Sunshine Coast Arts Council present their work created during 2014. This is very popular and annual exhibition and celebrates the new year of the Arts.