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Sechelt Street Banner Project
Young Artists Awards and Exhibition


banner The Cowrie Street Banner Project began in 1994 as a joint venture between the Sechelt Chamber of Commerce and the Sunshine Coast Arts Council. Every fall, students are asked to submit designs for the banners, which are then hung on Cowrie Street the following spring. In approximately 2003, the priorities of the Chamber of Commerce changed, and the project is now sponsored entirely by the Sunshine Coast Arts Council. In 2007 more banners were added and now displayed around the Sechelt Library, Seaside Building and Aquatic Centre.

After the theme for the current year is chosen, elementary school students are asked to submit a design on a 4.25 x 11 sheet of paper.

banner After all the entries are received, they are put on exhibition in the gallery of the Sunshine Coast Arts Centre for three weeks, in conjunction with the Young Artists Awards exhibition. A committee selects the 19 finalists, and those selected are honoured at an awards ceremony on the final day of the exhibition. They are presented with a certificate of appreciation and a T-shirt.

Each of the chosen designs is then projected and traced, and hand painted onto a 6-foot length of fabric by volunteer artists, being careful to match the original paint colours, and replicate the young artist's designs as carefully as possible. About 150 hours goes into this part of the project.

The following spring, the district of Sechelt's Engineering Department hangs the completed banners from the light posts for the summer months.

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The Street Banner Project banners have been chosen for this year - look for their appearance in the Spring.

We also have a wonderful volunteer opportunity for adults to participate in this project. Please join us in painting these colourful banners. The studio at the Arts Centre is reserved for this purpose the first 2 weeks of January. Be part of putting the selected banners up on the streets of Sechelt next spring.
Questions? 604 885 5412 or


Young Artists Awards and Exhibition features young artists who are working on their art independently of school. They are open to aged 5 to18 and love to be creative at home. The Young Artists Awards are judged by a panel of working artists who feel passionate about encouraging creativity in young people Gift cards for art supplies are supplied for selected works in 4 age categories

Eligibility: between ages of 5 to 18
submit 3 works of art :
- created outside of school created in 2013
- ready to display / hang
- framed if two dimensional

Young Artists Awards & Exhibition was another success for this year, watch for details next fall for 2015.

For Young Artist Award archives and photos
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