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Anonymous Donor
Annele Asikainen
Elena Bakst
Donna Balma
Lonie Bell
Jan Bende
Kay Bonathan
Dan Bouman
Nena Braathen
Cara Bryan
Keith Burdon
Marina Crawford
Lee Croy
Pat Crucil
Kathi Dunlop
Alda Grames
Martha Griffin
Joyce Foyle
Ursula Fritsch
Ursula Fritsch 2
Cristel Fuoss-Moore
Cristel Fuoss-Moore 2
Susan Furze
Beth Jankola
Don Jarvis
Katherine Johnson
Mary Ellen Johnston
Peter Jolly
Phil Kirkland
Tim Kline
Miroslav Kot
Theresa Lee
Janice McFegan
Martin Machler
Jo Anne Marks
Kay Miller
Sheila Page
Ron Patterson
Ron Patterson 2
Barby Paulus
Betty Pehme
Muriel Prior
Fran Reid Ovens
Cindy Rudolph
Trudy Small
Nadina Tandy
Monica Tapp
Armand Tatossian
Lionel Thomas
Russ Tkachuk
Marje Umezuki
Jo Vanderveen
Andrew van Wersch RB Wainwright Marjorie Walker Janice Williams Alanna Wood
andrew van wersch 1. Window Hanging ~ 15 x 17 inches - wood, glass, copper
: (March 28, 2002)
~ My woodworking shop is at my property in Roberts Creek. I use (non clear-cut) local species for all my wood projects, which include furniture and built-in cabinetry. The glass work was created by Tim Kline
alda grames 2. Aquamarine Vase ~ clay
ALDA GRAMES : (2001)
~ Sunshine Coast resident artist since 1976. Studied art and ceramics at U. of Alaska, California Polytechnic Institute and Capilano College, Currently preparing a wheel-thrown and hand-built "High Fire Ceramic Vessel and Form" exhibit.
keith burdon 3. Big Fish in a Small Pond ~ 19 x 11 x 3 inches - hand-carved yellow cedar and acrylic
KEITH BURDON : (October 2001)
~ Keith has been carving his fun and colourful pieces for ten years and draws much of his inspiration from living and working on Canada's dramatic coasts. - CCA Member
joyce foyle 4. Japanese style planter ~ 6 x 6 inches - Handmade oxide finish coil and slab
~ Started pottery in Alert Bay, B. C., 1963. Taught pottery at the Richmond Arts Centre and ran the gift shop for twenty years. Retired and mostly doing handwork now. Went to Douglas College and attended numerous workshops by many potters over the years.
phil kirkland 5. Salad Servers ~ wood
~ Phil is a retired "old geezer" who operates a home-based woodworking business in Wilson Creek.
jan bende 6. Wine Goblets ~ glass
~ Jan was schooled in the art of glass blowing in his home country of Czechoslovakia. Jan continues to create at the Field Road studio, Krystyna Glass.
kay bonathan 7. Woman of the Nineties ~ 12 inches high
~ This sculptor was born in Montreal and has taught at universities in Quebec and B.C. She has travelled widely and works in a variety of materials. She has been living and exhibiting on the Sunshine Coast since 1991.
barby paulus 8. Seashells ~ 15 x 145 cm - hand painted, hand woven rayon
~ I have been weaving for over twenty years and just love working with fibres, fabulous textures and colours. I hand dye many of my yarns and also hand paint fibres before weaving. My work is available at Gibsons Landing Gallery. CCA member
pat crucil
pat crucil 2
9 . Squares Within Squares ~ 21 x 22 inches cm - quilt

10. Nocturnal Walk in the Woods - 15.5 x 22 inches - quilt
PAT CRUCIL : (1998) & (2001)
~ Pat is a quilt artist who has lived here on the Coast for thirty-eight years. She is a member of the Sunshine Coast Quilters Guild and Fibre Arts Network. She has exhibited internationally.
muriel prior 11. Shibori Scarf ~ 16 x 148 inches - Hand woven loom shibori with stencilling, tencel fibre
~ A weaver, spinner and dyer for thirty years. Have taken many fibre arts courses including a diploma in fine art (fibre major). Have won major awards in Saskatchewan and Alberta. CCA member
12. Landscape ~ stained glass
SUSAN FURZE : (2001)
lee croy 13. Spiral Dance ~ 22 x 30 inches - Print-calligraphy
LEE CROY : (February 2001)
~ Recent graduate of Capilano College Studio Art Program. Enjoys printmaking, painting and sculpture. Teaches art workshops to children. Self employed artist.
janice mcfagen 14. Evening Feast ~ 20 x 24 inches - Lithograh (drawing on stone
JANICE McFEGAN s : (2000)
~ Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree--Emily Carr College of Art and Design. International juried shows include Macedonia, India, local shows--images and objects. Prize winner Surrey Art Gallery, Yale Gallery, Capilano College, Sunshine Coast Arts Council, Havana Cafe, Evergreen Gallery, Photo Base Gallery, etc. Will be part of a group show in August at the Sunshine Coast Arts Centre.
sheila page 15. Johnstone Strait ~ 20 x 30 inches - acrylic
SHEILA PAGE : (2000)
monica tapp 16. Monkey ~ 53 x 74 cm (matte) - mixed media / monotype
MONICA TAPP : (1988)
~ Professional artist, NSCAD graduate, exhibitions in Edmonton, Vancouver, Maritimes, etc.
donna balma 17 & 18. . Wine Without Bread ~ 12 x 18 inches - hand colored etching
DONNA BALMA : (1999)
~ My dad took me to launching ceremonies of warships during the Second World War in Victoria. If you look closely, You'll see me sitting on my Dad's shoulders.
nadina tandy 19. Inside Out ~ 22 x 30 inches
~ Nadina Tandy paints full time, has had numerous exhibitions and collectors in Canada, USA and in Europe. With her family, Tandy has made Gibsons her home since 1997. This image is on Nadina's site.
peter jolly
peter jolly
peter jolly
20. Quiet Place ~ 24 x 30 inches - watercolour

21. Homestead ~ 16 x 20 inches - watercolour

22. Garden Marauder ~ 16 x 20 inches - watercolour

PETER JOLLY : (1994)
~ Peter received his art training at Liverpool and Vancouver Art Schools. He has been a practicing artist for over forty years and often participates in SCAC group exhibitions.
cristel fuoss-moore 23. At Winter's Edge ~ 13 3/4 x 20 inches
~ see also item #59
theresa lee 24. Winter Lake ~ 22 x 28 inches - oil on canvas
THERESA LEE : (1994)
jo vanderveen jo vanderveen 25. Figure with Blue Pipe ~ Japanese Print - originals date from the late 1700's
26. Figure with Brush ~ Japanese Print - originals date from the late 1700's
~ These prints were presented in about 1972 to my husband, Leo Van Der Veen, in recognition of work that he had done for Sumromo Shipyards in connection with a deep-sea platform.
fran reid ovens 27. BC Island and Trees ~ 24 x 30 inches - acrylic on canvas board
FRAN REID OVENS : (see also #29)
Vancouver School of Art two years. Self taught in acrylics. Galleries: shown in Vancouver, North Vancouver, Sechelt and Gibsons, BC. My paintings and prints depict what I have seen on my travels of the West Coast of Vancouver Island and the Queen Charlotte Islands.
trudy small 28. War Zone
TRUDY SMALL : (1987)
Trudy Small has lived on the Sunshine Coast since 1959. She trained at the Ontario College of Art. Her art has always embraced found materials.
fran reid ovens 29. Totem and Screech Owl ~ 24 x 32 inches - acrylic on canvas board
FRAN REID OVENS : (see also #27)
ursula fritsch 31. Moon Meadow Dreaming - acrylic
URSULA FRITSCH : (1999) (see also #31)
Ursula Fritsch moved to the Sunshine Coast in 1970. Living on Gambier Island, she began painting in acrylics in 1983. CCA member
beth jankola 32. Male Nude from the Mode - 22 x 29 inches
BETH JANKOLA : (October 1999) (see also #30)
Local artist, open studio (Field Road Studio). Works in acrylic on board from very tiny to very large. CCA member
martha griffin 33. Lions Gate in Gold
annele asikainen 34. Eagle Spirit I - 16 x 20 inches - acrylic on canvas
Annele is originally from Finland and arrived in Sechelt via living in South America, U S and eastern Canada. She loves painting "soulful" portraits of indigenous people. Studied art at the Ontario College of Art and has taken courses at Capilano College.
marjorie walker 35. Point Atkinson - acrylic
: (2002) Local visual artist who has been painting in oils and acrylic for fifty years.
lionel thomas 36. Chameleon - Intaglio (etching)
Internationally exhibited artist, Lionel Thomas was on the faculty of UBC from 1950 to 1980. Lionel became a Sunshine Coast "local" in 1978.
mary ellen johnston 37. Merry Island - 16.5 x 20 inches - watercolour
Local artist and gardener. Delights in colours and textures. Florals, landscapes, waterscapes to semi-abstract in water media. Also photo cards of local gardens and scenes.
38. Long Beach - 16 x 20 inches - framed photo
MARINA CRAWFORD (March 30, 2002) (see also # 39)
I have lived on the Sunshine Coast for three years now and its natural beauty inspires many of my images. CCA Member
kathi dunlop 39. Interlude - 9 x 11 inches - framed photograph and watercolour
Kathi and Marina began collaborating in November 2001 with their combination of photography and watercolor impressions. They also share in the operation of the Twodoor House Gallery in Roberts Creek.
marje umezuki 40. Winter Scene - 3 x 6 inches - pen and ink
MARJE UMEZUKI Zuki Art Studio (2000)
Works in watercolour, oils, pen and ink collage. Member of Sunshine Coast Artists Cooperative. Shows regularly in Gibsons Landing Gallery.
dan bouman 41. Untitled - 8 x 8 1/2 on 11 x 14 inch board
DAN BOUMAN (March 2002)
I am a professional photographer and biologist residing on the Sunshine Coast for the last thirty years. Pinhole cameras have been an enduring passion for me and always the first choice for artistic exploration.
martin machler 42. Gros Morne, Nfld - 25 x 35 cm - watercolour
I have chosen watercolour for my landscapes because of the simple application, the possibility of rapid expression and its potential to simplify complexity.
jo anne marks 43. Metamobile - 20 x 30 cm - photograph
I enjoy photography as a means of creative expression. I am inspired by landscapes, reflections, and abstract forms. My work has appeared in brochures, magazines and books.
russ tkachuk 44. New Earth - 6.5 x 9.5 inch - watercolour
Russ Tkachuk lives in Roberts Creek, B. C. He paints and makes prints in an abstract manner of recognizable subjects-usually the old growth forest. Occasionally, imaginary subjects are painted, like in this instance of the young earth when it was still a red hot radioactive ball of heavier elements.
cara bryan 45. On the Beach - 5 x 7 inches - hand tinted photo
Cara Bryan is a graduate of the Camosen College Fine Arts Program. She works in a variety of mediums including sculpture, printmaking, photography and animation. Cara currently resides in Vancouver.
miroslav kot 46. Garden Bay in Winter - 5 x 5 inches - watercolour
A native born Czechoslovakian. Emigrated to Canada in the early seventies. Works in oil or watercolour.
47. Greek Seascape Sketch - 11 x 15 inches - oil on board
This internationally recognized painter of Armenian origin was elected to the Royal Canadian Academy of Art in 1973, taught at Concordia University, Montreal and has exhibited extensively in North America and Europe.
48. Four Apples - 11 x 15 inches - oil, pastel and acrylic
I am a self taught artist teaching myself through library books. The artists who inspired me are mainly Paul Klee, Miro, Kandinsky, the German expressionists, et al. CCA member.
elena bakst 49. First Snow - 32 x 24 cm - watercolour
ELENA BAKST (August 2001)
I started to do watercolour when I retired. To keep my knowledge of art, I took and finished art courses in the Stratford Career Institute. I got an art diploma with highest honors. Now art is part of my life.
50. Moon Dance - 16 x 20 inches - multi media
Alanna works in a variety of media. She is versatile with sculpting, painting, photography and digital image making. Her ideas determine the medium she works in.
51. Gladiolus - 10.5 x 13.5 - watercolour
(see also #23)
52. Bouquet in blue Vase - 18 x 17 inches
Katherine works mainly in pastels using a representational style. The intense, luminous colours of pastels are suited to her interest in still life.
anonomous 53. Latin musical manuscript on parchment - 27 x 19 inches
janice williams janice williams 54. Light Traffic - exterior latex on found wood

55. Disturbing Deities
JANICE WILLIAMS (Junco Jan) (2001)
Junco Jan uses found materials to produce her "Litterate Art" and "Paint by Lumber" series. She has recently been featured on "Weird Homes."

lonnie bell 56. Rock Flocks
r b wainwright 57. The Vicar - linocut, embosing 16" x 12"
Chilliwack native Robert Barry Wainwright retired to the Sunshine Coast after a stellar career in the arts, including 30 years as Associate Professor of Fine Arts at Montreal's prestigious Concordia University.
ron patterson 58. Dragonfly Plate - raku - 11" dia.

petroglyph 59. Leaping Wild Ox - reproduction on stone - 12" X 8"
Petroglyph, after Lascoux France
kay miller 60. Dandied Apple - mixed media

ron patterson 61. Raku Vessel - raku

unknown 62. Silver Bowl

nena braathen 63. Scorpion - etching 38cm X 31cm
Nena is a devoted professional printmaker; the only thing that interferes with her passion is "life in general." Nena has participated in, and now co-ordinates, the Life Drawing workshops held at the Arts Centre Tuesday mornings.

don jarvis 64. Reclining Figure
DON JARVIS (19 - 2001)
Born in Vancouver, Don Jarvis studied at the Vancouver School of Art (now called Emily Carr College of Art and Design) under B.C. Binning and Jack Shadbolt, and with Hans Hofman in New York. Returning to the West Coast, he taught at Emily Carr College until 1986, and moved to the Sunshine Coast from West Vancouver in 1994.

Betty Pehme 65. Snapper - (reproduction) 18" X 24"
For Betty Pehme, initial inspiration often comes from nature and the Coastal environment. Daily involvement with metals, painting, printmaking, collage, drawing or photography provides a vehicle for her curiosity and need to experiment.

aerion 66. AERION
A Sunshine Coast resident who takes all arts as her province, Aerion enthuses that "everything I can squeeze in, I do!" After studying photography at Emily Carr, Aerion began to branch into film, then moved from creating 2D images to 3D sculpture, performance art, and Flamenco singing.

cindy rudolph 67. Otters - reproduction 5" X 7"

cindy rudolph 68. Racoon - reproduction 5" X 7"

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