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Gillian Lowndes Award
Louise Baril Memorial Music Award
Anne and Philip Klein Visual Arts Award

The decision to distribute an award is based on the amount of money the principle funding generates during the year. With interest rates very low, sometimes these funds do not generate enough interest to merit an award each year. Awards are not made if there is insufficient interest earned or if there is no qualified applicant.

The Arts Council is enthusiastic about their awards program and is actively seeking more financial help so that awards can be made larger or new awards may be created. If you would like to create a new memorial award or sponsor an award as a corporation, the Sunshine Coast Arts Council would like to hear from you. Please contact the council at or 604.886.5412.

Awards give artists the impetus to strive harder and to give back to our community. They are a win-win for everyone!

Art and Music Awards

Congratulations to this year's recipients:
Gillian Lowndes - Anna Banana
Louise Bari Memorial - Robyn Edgar
Anne and Philip Klein - Elaine Seepish

Past Annual Arts Awards
Archive of Award Recipients
CLICK HERE for the archive


The Arts Council solicits nominations for the Gillian Lowndes Award to be presented on a Sunday afternoon in Gillian's birth month of November at the Arts Centre.
    scott The Artist selected to receive this award must be:
  • A Sunshine coast resident
  • Active in any Arts discipline
  • Demonstrate long-standing achievement, innovation and recent growth in his/her field.
This Memorial Award was created in 1981 to honour the life and talent of Gillian Lowndes, a promising young Coast dancer and vice-president of the Arts Council. Gillian died of cancer in 1981. The substantial cash award is financed by Government of Canada bonds donated by Gillian's parents and by a smaller donation from the Arts Council.


In the fall of each year, the Arts Council considers applications submitted by Coast music students for an award of $300

Applications for these awards are open to music students who are undertaking advanced studies.

The award honours the memory of Louise Baril, a revered member of the Arts Council Board and Program director of Countryside Concerts from 1990 through 1994, as well as an active participant in the Coast music scene. Louise died in November of 1994.

Applications will outline your past accomplishments, proposed course of study, and other relevant information. At least one letter of reference from a current or prospective music teacher is required.


The Arts Council solicits annually for the Anne and Philip Klein Visual Arts Award which is presented in early November and carries a prize of $300.

The Klein Award was created in 2000 to honour the memory of Anne and Philip Klein and to encourage artists who have come to their artistic passion late in life. After active careers,. Anne's as a special education teacher and Philip's as a motion picture animator and technical director. The Kleins became art students in retirement, she as a spinner and weaver and he as a sculptor. Their work garnered numerous awards, and after they settled in Roberts Creek, Anne Klein became a member of the Arts Council. The Award is financed by donations from the Klein family and friends and from others who approve of the kind of encouragement it offers.
    The artist who receives this award will be:
  • Over 65 years of age
  • A resident of the Sunshine Coast
  • Working in any of the visual arts, including the crafts and fibre arts
  • Preference will be given to those candidates pursuing an artistic passion developed late in life.