What We Do

Aleatora, as a rudimentary definition means “pure chance”. We meet. We set up. We play.
Where does it come from? Years and years of playing all coming together into one final moment?
Is it final, complete as in a composition or is it a beginning? Empty mind. Empty palette. Listening with ears full of past experiences, able to let go and hear the sounds of the moment, from our selves as an individual and from the other player, who is also an individual. Hearing the fragments and the cohesive whole. This would be the driving force of our essence, the Aleatoric Principle, our guiding principle.

Our mandate is to expose to the world a music that has before been unheard. Upon one`s hearing  of our sonic art we hope to nurture expression through movement, dance, artistry, massage
. . . or simply listening.

ALEATORA`S live performances never end with wild enthusiastic applause. The performance ends with folks muttering, amazing . . . gorgeous . . . beautiful with eyes and jaws agog. We seek spaces and places to perform our music that are as interesting, and out of the ordinary as we are as people and as an entity.

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In the spring time, and every spring time, baby spiders emerge from their near invisible nests, laid the previous fall by the faithful parent. I notice how they group and travel and toil as one harmonious movement as if the individual spider, each and every individual spider exits for the entire group. They huddle for closeness and warmth, for security and familiarity, staying close to each other until it is time to venture away to create and procreate, increasing their numbers. The only time the groups’ cohesion is disconnected is when intruded upon, a disturbance, a knock or tap from some unknowing passer-by; a human touch, chris bernetcheza dog’s wagging tail, a dragonfly whir of wind from their wings. And this is the aleatoric moment, when the unplanned, the unpredictable creates an erratic, chaotic movement and the whole nest moves with a frenzy in all directions seeking safety. When the storm of intrusion passes they re-assemble again as a whole, one group, one family, one purpose. But what is most interesting here is that after the re-organization there are always some individual spiders who choose some distance apart from the rest but still near. Another aleatoric moment, for when the group has departed from its cohesion to create new strands of movement, by chance, and have returned to their oneness, the new directions still linger on the fringe of the new location, a new movement.

I think this best describes how I feel about our music. We are a unit with one common purpose. Alive and cohesive until one of us touches the unknown or is touched by the unknown. A momentary chaos or disturbance which may not even feel like chaos. In fact the opposites, harmony, serenity, creativity, may be the outcomes. Then to go with it and explore where it goes and to look up and see where everyone else is and gather together again, letting the new creation hover and linger whilst playing below it or over it or within it. This is where I am with the music. I am where the music is, not the other way around.

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