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N E W - A Crop Circle Experience


Barry Taylor

Chris Bernetchez


. . . music based upon aleatoric process and approach.

What we do:

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What they say:

"I come on shift and I hear these sounds wafting through the air, sort of like music but not music…and I immediately get transported into a wooded paradise, a lush green forest with bubbling creeks and soft winds humming through the trees ... I approach my clients with such a different attitude, it’s amazing."
               . . . comments from a waiter working his shift at the Gumboot Garden Café

"I feel so rude talking while you guys are playing your music and I apologize but I was telling my friend how incredibly peaceful I felt when you were performing your music. I was suddenly aware of all the beauty around me. The blue sky. The clouds. The immense trees. Everything seemed to come alive. And the food just tasted delicious."
               . . . a patron at the Gumboot Garden Café restaurant..

"I was sitting here reading, or I should say trying to read and you two started playing. To be honest I did not know what I was hearing. So I closed my eyes and just listened without any sort of reference point in my mind. It was very easy. The music brought me right into the moment. If I could say anything about the music it would be something like: I really could not say what century or what culture I was in. It wasn’t modern music in any sense but yet it was very modern. It wasn’t classical in the classical sense but it was very classical. I felt I was given a tour of many cultures through many times but in a very non-traditional way. And I thank you for that."
               . . . a patron of the Gibsons Public Library after a library performance

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photos: Linda Williams All images, writings, and toonage c p 2004

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