Almost everyone is fascinated with the ornate complexity of Crop Circles and there are many theories as to their origin.

`A Crop Circle Experience' is an enchanting and intuitive presentation of Crop Circles like you`ve never heard them before. Aleatora provides live musical accompaniment to the photography of Chad Deetken, an eminent researcher and photographer in the field. The Circles are presented in a nonjudgmental manner and the performers wish to appreciate and accompany the forms as works of art and also to use them as a guideline or musical score for the shows soundtrack.

Aleatora`s music has always been described as a sonic landscape rather than music of temperment and meter. The Crop Circle formations thus provide a wealth of tonal and rhythmic possibilities to explore. We premiered and presented the show this past March 23 and 24 at the Arts Center in Sechelt and again, March 31 at the Copper Sky Gallery in Madeira Park. Both venues are on the Sunshine Coast in B.C., Canada, which is where we are. The shows were met with great enthusiasm and encouraged us to further explore and expand on this project. We will also be working to produce a dvd.

You`ll find a very short example of the show on the link below. The music is an excerpt from our Dare to Dance cd, although in a live context even we don`t know what the music will be, as it is certainly music of the moment and is totally improvised.

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