As Aleatora, we like to present our music to those who are truly interested in a unique way to spend some quality time. Given the way our music and mood/ambience is created, we offer this guide to presenting Aleatora in any performing environment. As performers we are pretty comfortable performing in most environments and extremely comfortable in an environment that allows both players and listeners to enter a state of symbiosis ...

We have performed in a fairly bustling restaurant and still created a calm oasis to the patrons. We have performed in a gorgeous theatre both accompanying a slide show and playing the space itself in where the patrons sat in rapture with eyes closed. We have provided ambience to the street, a ferry terminal, a seaside gazebo, a house gallery, a public library and more... All of these relatively disparate venues have one thing in common...Aleatora`s music has transported both the listening space and the listeners to quite literally somewhere else and returned them when it`s over.


A house concert is as it is....a house concert. There has always been a trend and necessity to present intimate music in an intimate space. A house concert would be one in where a person or group has a space that would accommodate both performer(s) and audience in a very comfortable setting. Think of how many folks it would take to fill your living room.?.? your patio.?.? your garden.?.?.....presto.....a house concert. A house concert can range in size from a dozen folks to more than 50. Guests or participants admission (ie ticket sales) would go to the performers as their fee*.


Consider an alternate space if a house concert would not be feasible. A gallery, it`s membership and guests, could host a show in their common space using the above guidelines. Most relatively intimate spaces may be utilized for an Aleatora performance.


Aleatora is a perfect vehicle to enhance any special event where atmosphere and ambience plays an important part of the occasion. We have performed at art openings and events, with/and for performance artists, dance accompaniment, slide/film presentations, among others. We can offer our services as a focal and non focal point of any gathering.


A prerecorded, commissioned, or live performance by Aleatora would be a perfect sonic addition to any visual presentation in whatever medium(s). This could be as part of a house/alternate space concert, or in a proper theatre.


Aleatora cd`s are a perfect accompaniment to a multitude of different body and mind improvement activities. Also, wouldn`t it be novel to incorporate a live interactive Aleatora performance to your class or workshop? We could work with total interaction with the participants, or indirectly by setting a general ambience for the session. By this we mean Aleatora would be a catalyst or a reaction of an individual or group creation it a dance, painting, tai chi, writing, massage, meditation, yoga class....the list is endless.


Whether live or recorded, Aleatora music leaves ample room for interaction in the disciplines of dance, movement, performance, and visual arts. Spoken word or theatrical performance could be greatly enhanced sonically by Aleatora. A one off or a series of recordings/performances could be commissioned to complete a project.

*Please feel free to email us if you have any further questions regarding the staging of house, alternate space, or special occasion performances and fees. We will be glad to provide any assistance we can in the running of your event.

If you have any questions regarding technical requirements, costs, music clearance, logistics....whatever in having Aleatora enhance your class/workshop/project, please email us and we will be more than happy to try and accommodate your desires and needs.

To hear some mp3 encoded music please go here........


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